Why does hydroquinone make skin darker ?

Hydroquinone (an ingredient used in over the counter skincare to lighten dark spots) can cause IRREVERSIBLE DARKENING of the skin.

This is called ‘ochronosis’, and happens if you use it continuously for >3-4 months without syops or breaks in-between.

Why does hydroquinone make skin darker ?
Why does hydroquinone make skin darker? Chronic use.

There’s no problem using hydroquinone – I prescribe it in combination creams regularly for e.g. melasma. Hydroquinone improves malasma and not worsen it as some claim.

But you need to take breaks: 3 months on, 3 months off, to make sure you don’t get ochronosis.

Please help me spread awareness of this as I see it in so many patients! 😓

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