What can I use instead of Maggi cubes?

A reader wants to know the alternatives to local Maggi cubes…

Dear nimedhealth,

Good afternoon Sir. Please I want to know what to use to season my food in place of Maggi cubes…I am seriously tired of all these seasoning in the market. They contain too much salt and artificial agents. I am 25 years old and I have been recently diagnosed of hypertension…I want to take care of my health now to live longer….the doctors said I should cut down on my salt intake and I learnt that Maggi contains too much salt. I also noticed my blood pressure becomes high whenever I use Maggi cubes to cook. So, i need a way out of this for the sake of my health…Please do your research and look for local Nigerian seasoning spices that I can use to cook my meals instead of Maggi. Thank you for your anticipated response.

My reply.

Thank you for reaching out and having trust in Nigeria health blog to help.

Sorry for your ordeal.

Truly, I understand that some people are allergic to Maggi while some develop hypertension from chronic and excess use of Maggi for foods. This is because of the salt content which I have observed is a source of worry to many.

Local Indigenous spices you can use in place of artificial seasoning, and add to your meals for healthy living:

-Iru (locust beans)
-Scent leaf
-African black pepper
-Alligator pepper
-Lemon grass
-African nutmeg
-Uziza seed

What can I use instead of Maggi cubes?
What can I use instead of Maggi cubes? Iru and others

Some other side effects of Maggi cubes aside the ones you have noted above are:Headache; Nausea; Vomiting; Fatigue; Thirst; Skin rash; Increased bowel movement (diarrhoea), generalised tingling sensation in your whole body, salivation, and malaise.

I hope you find my reply useful.


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