How to prepare bitter leaf juice for weight loss and flat tummy…Bitter leaf juice and weight loss.

Bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina) is a medicinal plant used in cooking, prevention and treatment of diseases, amongst others. It is commonly grown in the Sub-Saharan Africa. As the name implies, bitter leaf is a green leafy with an acrid taste. The taste can be so stinging, that it makes you give off funny facial expressions when consumed.

There are a lot of benefits that come with the use of bitter leaf, one of which is the promotion of weight loss. Bitter leaf contains phytochemicals that are beneficial to health. In addition to the phytochemicals contained, nutrients such as dietary fiber can be found in this vegetable.

How to prepare bitter leaf juice for weight loss and flat tummy
Is bitter leaf good for weight loss and flat belly?

This fiber in bitter leaf helps cut down calories and fats in the body, including belly fats. Also, it helps reduce the levels of cholesterol, and wards off bad cholesterol in the body that can lead to obesity and overweight. Fibres in bitter leaf helps in the excretion of fats.

Preparation of Bitter Leaf Juice for Weight Loss

A cup of bitter leaf juice daily can help promote weight loss. Now, there are different ways to extracting the juice from bitter leaf to aid weight loss. In this article, I will be sharing three methods with you.

These methods include:
1. The Washing and Squeezing method
2. The Boiling method
3. The Blending method

Read on.

1. The Washing and Squeezing method: This is the oldest and commonest method. Long before we were born, our forefathers and ancestors used the bitter leaf as a natural remedy for treatment. They did this through the washing and squeezing method.
See below for procedures.


1. Start by squeezing, and marshing the bitter leaves in a bowl with water.
2. Repeat procedure 1 above for about 3-5 mins.
3. Wash, rinse and sieve out the water a couple of times.
4. Add a fresh cup of water and then sieve out the water into a cup.

2. The Boiling method: This is simply done by steaming the leaves in a pot and allowing it boil for about 5 minutes. But first off, the leaves are washed thoroughly and then sliced with a knife. Afterwards, they are put in a pot containing water and allowed to boil. After boiling, the water is then filtered using a sieve, and then poured into a cup to cool for a bit before drinking.

3. The Blending method: This is a modern method. Here, the leaves are washed thoroughly and put in a blender. It is blended for some minutes. After which, content filtered through a sieve. The juice extracted is poured into a cup ready to be consumed. You can mix the bitter leaves with spinach leaves and blend altogether.

Out of the three methods shared, I believe you can find at least one or more methods suitable to help with your weight loss and flat tummy journey.

Note: There are herbal tea that also help promote weight loss, with the likes of green herbal tea, zobo, cinnamon and clove tea etc. Please don’t combine them with bitter leaf juice to prevent allergies and side effects. Ensure to stick with one to ensure maximum effect.

How to prepare bitter leaf juice for weight loss and flat tummy? Take bitter leaf juice…cold or boiled.


For those who desire to lose weight and cut down unnecessary fats, it’s important for you to note that, taking bitter leaf juice alone might not yield results. You should also watch your diets, eat healthier, avoid too much intake of caffeinated products, perform exercises regularly -exercises do not mean workouts only, avoid sedentary lifestyles etc. However, if you notice allergic symptoms, discontinue use and seek medical assistance from your doctor.

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