100 LEVEL Biochemistry Courses (Biochemistry Course Syllabus in Nigeria). OAU Biochemistry Course outline.


Biochemistry is a branch of science that deals with the chemical processes within and outside of living things. Biochemistry is a laboratory based science that combines biology and chemistry. It is a paramedical course which is under the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences. It is the discipline that attempts to understand the workings of ourselves and our interactions with nature from the direction of both the physical sciences and biological sciences. You can study biochemistry in the university in two forms: (1) Medical Biochemistry (2) Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry (BSc. Biochemistry). The course spans for 4 years.

100 LEVEL Biochemistry Courses (Biochemistry Course Syllabus in Nigeria)
100 LEVEL Biochemistry Courses
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During the first year in the university, a student would be required to study different courses which tend to vary from university to university and which comprise of the University requirements (special electives), Faculty requirements, Departmental requirements, Restricted electives and Free electives. These courses are all crucial to the determination of a student’s CGPA and his/her foundation in the University. But during the first year, only the university requirements and faculty requirements are fulfilled by the students and these courses include;


👉Introductory Chemistry
👉Experimental Chemistry
👉Introductory Botany
👉Experimental Botany
👉Elementary Mathematics or Mathematics for non-major (Biological sciences)
👉Physics for Biological sciences
👉Experimental Physics
👉Introductory Zoology
👉Experimental Zoology
👉Entrepreneurship for Science students


👉Use of Library
👉The use of English (Compulsory)

Other special electives will be chosen from the under listed (3 and can be spread through the stay in the university)

👉The Humanities and the African Experience
👉Government and Administration of the Public sector
👉Elements of Business Administration
👉Indigenous Education in Nigeria
👉Introduction to Law
👉Introduction to Legal Institution and Processes
👉Issues in land Management
👉Man and his Environment
👉Fundamentals of Building and Design for Human Habitation
👉Principles and Practice of Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment

Biochemistry is a valuable degree commercially that will come in useful for a range of well paid jobs in an array of important industries if one is looking for a career at the junction of Biology and Medicine.

Shyllon Olayinka Enoch, Undergraduate student of Biochemistry at Obafemi Awolowo University.

Twitter; @blackpeggy103

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