Loya Milk Benefits – Is Loya milk good for toddlers? Is Loya milk good for babies?

I first knew of loya milk following Don jazzy endorsement of the product to the NIGERIAN people. Ever since then, loya milk has tried to break into the NIGERIAN market and gain the loyalty of the Nigerian people but has not really made serious headway because bigger and more established brands like peak milk, three crowns and cowbell milk have already saturated the market.

Loya Milk Benefits - Is Loya milk good for toddlers and babies
Loya milk benefits is worth talking about.

Loya milk benefits

That said , here are some of the health benefits of loya milk you should know.

1. Loya milk is good for the development of strong bones and teeth…This is because loya milk is rich in Calcium.

2. Loya milk is rich in vitamin A, B, C D , and K.

3. Loya milk is good for gut health as it promotes digestion

4. Loya milk can be added to complementary feeding while weaning an infant baby.

5. Loya milk and Lipton tea goes together.

6. Loya contains low sugar and low fat…this makes it perfect for diabetics.

7. Pregnant Women and lactacting mothers can take loya milk.

8. Loya milk is tasty and does not leave an after taste in the mouth.

9. Loya milk contains low calories and therefore good for weight loss.

10. With 28 vitamins and minerals, Loya Milk has all the vital nutrients to keep you going all day.

11. Loya milk contains 50 percent high calcium when compared to ordinary milk. Loya milk will help prevent osteoporosis especially in women.

For side effects, loya milk can cause flatulence, abdominal cramps, diarrhoea from lactose intolerance and a abdominal bloating.

Is Loya milk good for toddlers? Is Loya milk good for babies?

Loya milk is good for both the poor and the young. Loya milk is good for babies and including toddlers. You can add loya milk to a baby’s pap or akamu to it more nutritious and vitamin fortified.

I think I have cleared the air enough on loya milk….Promisidor will have to pay me for this (haha).

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