Is okro soup good for ulcer patient? Is ogbono soup good for ulcer patient? Can ulcer patient eat Okro soup? Is okra good for acid reflux? Is ladyfinger good for gastritis?

Among the numerous Nigerian soups, okra soup or okro soup and ogbono soup are two of the most suitable ulcer friendly soups or foods you can think of. Okro soup and ogbono soup are very good for ulcer patients. Eating okra soup or ogbono soup helps heal the heartburns and acid reflux associated with stomach ulcer. Patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease can eat Okro soup or ogbono soup without fear of heartburns or worsening ulcer symptoms.

Ogbono soup has a soothing effect on peptic ulcers, it relieves ulcer symptoms (pains) and promote ulcer healing. Ogbono soup helps coats the ulcer site and promote the release of prostaglandins in the stomach… an ulcer protective chemical that reduces stomach acidity and induces ulcer healing. Ulcer patients are advised to eat lots of ogbono soup, it cures gastric ulcer and prevents acid reflux.

Is okro soup good for ulcer patient?
Is okro soup good for ulcer patient?

Okro soup or okra soup is also very ulcer friendly and ulcer soothing. Okra soup is a very rich vegetable that promotes the secretion of ulcer healing and acidity reducing chemical called prostagladins. Okro soup contains a lot of water and it is very alkaline…. with this property, it helps to relieve ulcer pains and coats the ulcer crater(wound). Okro soup is good for gastric ulcers.

In summary, ulcer patients should add Okro soup and ogbono soup to their food menu and diet timetable. Ogbono soup and Okro soup are very ulcer friendly and ulcer healing…. Okro soup and ogbono soup helps treat and prevent the hyperacidity associated with stomach ulcer.

PLEASE NOTE: ogbono soup is the soup made from the seed of bush mango, African mango or wild fruit while okro soup is the soup made from ladyfinger…an edible vegetable. Lady finger is good for ulcer and reduces stomach infection or stomach inflammation known as gastritis.

An ulcer patient can eat ogbono soup and okra soup you know.

Peptic ulcer is a wound in the lining of the oesophagus, stomach, and duodenum. The pains associated with ulcers is like a torture. The common causes of ulcer include family history, stress ulcers, chronic use of steroids, chronic use of diclofenac, ibuprofen, felvin, alcohol intake, cigarette or shisha smoking, late eating, hunger and starvation, stomach ulcer from burns etc.

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