What is Difference between Coartem and Lonart?

– Lonart and Coartem are both Artemisinin-based combination therapy. ACT is now the standard of care for treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria in nearly all endemic areas.

-The leading regimens are highly efficacious, safe, and well tolerated.

-These regimens were developed because the short plasma half-lives of the artemisinins led to unacceptably high recrudescence rates after short-course therapy, which were reversed by inclusion of longer-acting drugs.

-Combination therapy also helps to protect against the selection of artemisinin resistance.

-However, with completion of dosing after 3 days, the artemisinin components are rapidly eliminated, and so selection of resistance to partner drugs is of concern. The WHO recommends five artemisinin-based combinations for the treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria.

There are many types of ACTs (Arthemeter – Lumefantrine) in the market such as lonart,, Coartem, lokmal, combisunate, amatem forte, lumantem etc. The most popular Artemisinin Combination Therapy Medications are LONART AND COARTEM. Many people do not know their differences even though they know they are both antimalarial drugs.

Coartem Vs Lonart: What is Difference between Coartem and Lonart?
Coartem Vs Lonart

Read different people speak on the similarities and differences between Coartem and Lonart.

Zahraddin Abdullahi

All are ACT.

Coartem is 20mg/120mg; so 4 tablets are taken 8hrly

Lonart DS is formulated 40/480mg; one tablet (instead of 4) is taken 8hrly for the duration of treatment. It’s more expensive than Coartem.

You don’t take either Coartem or Lonart 12hrly however; first dose at 0 hr, 2nd dose 8hrs after.

For day 2 and 3, 12hrly or bd dosing may be allowed though in practice.

Philip Kibuuka

All are artemether lumefantrine with the same mechanism of action, they have the same active ingredients, same dosage and route of administration. Only that lonart is coated but coartem is not.

Lukwago Caroline

Lonart and coatem is the same drug, only difference in trade names dear.

Ainembabazi Lucky

They are the same only that Lonart is double strength (6 tabs).

Ruth Kom

There is no difference between lonart and Coartem. Its same drug but different brand names because different companies cant make a drug and name it the same, just for marketing strategies. They however, have different prices considering quality and may be which company.


Do you know that ascorbic acid, what is commonly known as vitamin C should not be taken along side antimalarial drugs?

Vitamin C affects malaria in different pathways. Studies have shown that ACT(Artemisinin based combination therapy) are rendered less effective if taken with multivitamin that contain constituents such as vitamin C.

Avoid taking antimalarial concomitantly with orange juice, grapefruit juice or any drink or fruit containing vitamin C. You can take Vit C after completion of your malaria drugs. The reasons why you should not take antimalarial with multivitamins are stated on this link.

Now you know!


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