You want to know Dark circles Removal Cream in Nigeria and also the Best eye Bag cream in Nigeria?

Now read this and learn some tips on how to remove stubborn dark eye circles and eye bags at home.

This is according to a thread written by a skin care expert called Skin Herball:


Look at your face in the mirror.

Is the skin around your eyes dark or are they swollen?
These are dark eye circles and eye bags respectively. I can help you get rid of them. See this article.

Dark circles removal cream in Nigeria
Dark circles removal cream in Nigeria

If you are young, dark eye circles are caused by sun exposure and if you’re elderly, they are caused by sun exposure and ageing. Genetics is also a factor.

Eye bags are because you don’t get enough sleep.

To eliminate eye bags;

– soak a clean cloth/towel in cold water and place on your eyes, applying mild pressure.
– cut down on your liquid intake before bedtime.
– sleep with your head facing the roof.
– Get enough sleep as much as possible.

– don’t press your phone or watch TV when you should be sleeping.

For dark circles;

– Blend/grate a cucumber.
– Don’t add any other stuff.
– did cotton wool in the juice and cleanse around your eyes.
– if you can’t blend them, slice some cucumbers and place on your eyes.

– apply sunscreen on your face during the day to protect your face from UV rays.
– Make it a habit.
– apply consistency.
– be proud and confident in your skin.

Other effective methods used to remove dark eye circles are:

➡️use of almond oil – helps lighten dark circles.
➡️ use of rose water
➡️use of raw potato
➡️use of tomatoes
➡️ Use of aloe Vera is very efficient in removing dark circles. Works very well
➡️use of tea bags.

Having dark circles and bags around the eye can affect one’s self esteem, confidence and beauty. Many persons especially ladies battle to have a even facial tone or complexion. These ingredients listed above are readily available and comes in handy in removing black circles and some eye embarrassing eye backs. Try them out and thank me later. Be consistent so that you will to get optimal results.

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