Side Effects and Health Benefits of Eating Date Fruit

My today’s pick on a wide array of fruits is DATE FRUIT.


Health benefits of Eating Date Fruit

1. They are rich in fiber and carbs which makes it one of the healthiest dry fruit.

2. It is rich in antioxidants which benefits the cardiac and pulmonary health

3. It aids healthy bowel movement

4. It reduces the chances of macular degeneration

4. Date help reduce the effect of chronic diseases such as diabetes

5. It improves the brain functionality

6. It helps reduce the risk of developing brain degenerative conditions

7. It can reduce the production of plagues that can lead to cell death which can harm the brain.

8. It helps reduce issues related to anxiety disorder.

9. It helps boost memory and learning

10. It facilitates natural labour in pregnant women

11. It makes the entire process of delivery much smoother

12. It helps reduce pressure that is applied while trying to deliver the baby. Minimizes pains from child birth.

13. Date is rich in tannins which facilitates contraction during labour

14. It contains natural sugar which gives energy during pregnancy

15. It reduces the risk of cancer

16. Date is very advantageous in promoting anti-tumors activity within the body.

17. It prevents microbial infections

18. It plant extracts is effective in reducing side effects due to powerful medicines such as methylpredisolone
19. It helps fight diabetes

20. Date fruit has the ability to increase the production of insulin and also has the several
properties that can help reduce the rate of absorption

21. It can help control the glycemic and lipid activity in diabetic patients

22. It reduces the risk of cancer

23. Helps to treat iron deficiency anaemia

24. Lower colon cancer risk

25. Reduces the risk of stoke

Side Effects and Health Benefits of Eating Date Fruit
Date fruits in pictures

Side Effects of Eating Date Fruits.

➡️Weight gain

➡️Tooth decay

➡️Elevated blood sugar and gestational diabetes in pregnancy

➡️Abdominal discomfort such as excess gas, constipation, abdominal cramping and bloating

➡️Allergies – skin rashes and asthmatic attacks

➡️Hyperkalaemia – elevated blood potassium

➡️Excessive eating of dates can can fructose intolerance.

➡️Not very suitable for babies.

Eating date fruits have numerous health benefits, medicinal value and nutritional benefits but consuming excess may have some untoward side effects. Moderation is key here.

Date has so many health benefits that can’t be finished just in one session,I’ll will continue on the next session. I am saying a big thank you Smiling face with smiling eyes to my friends and followers,till I come your way next Keep Fit, Stay Healthy and Stay Safe.

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