When it comes to sex, everyone’s heard their fair share of sex myths, especially during their teenage years. Unfortunately, though, some myths might persist well into adulthood, affecting the way we relate to our sexual lives #Letstalkaboutsex

I will be debunking some sexual or sex myths that often persist well into adulthood.

Disclaimer: This article on sex myths is rated 18 and author will not be held liable for any form of sexual experimentation.

Lets begin!

1. You can’t get pregnant if you have sex standing up

If you’re having sex, it doesn’t matter which position you’re in, there’s a risk of you becoming pregnant.

Sex myths
Sex myths and facts

2. You can’t get pregnant if you have sex in the pool

Having sex underwater doesn’t flush out or kill the sperm. Where you are doesn’t really matter—any time that you have sex, especially if it’s unprotected, there’s a chance of pregnancy.

3. Taking birth control for a long time will give you problems when you need to get pregnant

Run away from the ignorant statements roaming around concerning Birth Control. Continuous use of the birth control pill will not cause problems with future fertility

4. If a girl does not bleed the first time she has sex, it means she is not a virgin

The hymen can easily stretch or tear during normal physical activity or sports & can be stretched open by fingers or tampons. The absence of a hymen or bleeding does not mean a girl has had sex

5. Drinking local gin early in the morning or right after sex prevents unwanted pregnancies

Stop torturing yourself!!! Dry gin or any other forms of alcohol cannot prevent an unwanted pregnancy. To prevent pregnancies, opt for either a condom or go to your nearest hospital to collect contraceptives such as daily pills,IUD or Implant. If you had unprotected sex, visit your nearest pharmacy in 48 hours to purchase an emergency contraceptive pill aka morning after.

Debunking sex myths
Misconceptions about sex and sexuality-facts about sex

6. STIs will last with you forever!!

Not in all cases. Many STIs can be cured with antibiotics, and when treated properly, these cured STIs often have no lasting negative health effects.

And while viral STIs like HIV and herpes can’t be cured like bacterial STIs, they can be treated with medication.

7. Stroking and sucking of one’s breast makes it develop faster and bigger

I cant stress this enough!! Genes and hormones determine breast growth. Some girls develop earlier, others later, and a girl’s breasts can keep growing and changing into her late teens.

8. A woman who likes sex a lot can’t be trusted to be faithful to her partner.

A person’s enjoyment of sex has nothing to do with his or her trustworthiness. Enjoying sex is natural for men and for women. The idea behind this statement, that women should not like sex, reflects the double standard that it is acceptable and expected that men, but not women, like sex. This idea is unfair, inaccurate, and a stereotype.

9. A girl can’t get pregnant the first time she has sex

This has been the story of many teenage girls!! It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time having sex–it is possible to get pregnant.

10. Only gay men like anal sex.

Anal sex is a sexual act that many people enjoy, both gay and straight, men and women. This activity has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

11. You can’t get pregnant on your period

This is uncommon but it is very possible. Depending on your cycle , you can get pregnant on your period.

12. Masturbation is harmful

Masturbation is not harmful; rather it is safe and a good way to learn about one’s own body. However, it is a personal choice. Most people masturbate, but some people choose not to, and some are not comfortable with the idea.

13. Wet dreams means you have a spiritual wife

When adolescent boys go to bed due to hormonal changes, wet dreams are more frequent- this is a healthy way for the testicles to remove older sperm and help with the new formation of new healthy sperm in the body.

14. If you pull out before you ejaculate the girl won’t get pregnant

The pull-out method it withdrawal method isn’t a reliable way of avoiding pregnancy. As soon as a guy gets aroused they produce ‘pre-cum’ which includes sperm.

15. Doubling up the condom will make you safer

Wearing two condoms (a.k.a. doubling up) is NOT safer! In fact, because the condoms will create friction with each other, using two condoms actually makes them more likely to break

16. Masturbating before sex as a man will prevent pregnant

Only one sperm needs to make it for pregnancy to happen and it only take a few minutes after orgasm for a guy’s semen reserves to start to replenish themselves.

17. You can get pregnant from oral sex/ anal sex

You cannot get pregnant from oral sex.

The sperm needs to be deposited inside the vagina or close to the vagina opening for fertilization to occur before one can get pregnant

18. It’s the man’s role to initiate sex

In many cultures, men have the role of initiating sex and women are supposed to be more passive sexually. However, this pattern reflects certain cultural attitudes about gender roles; in fact, women can also initiate sex.

Even those women who follow traditional gender roles often develop an indirect way to communicate their desire for sex to their partners.

19. The first time a woman has sex must hurt

The first time a woman has sex it may or may not hurt. To minimize discomfort or pain, partners should take time to explore each other’s bodies & become fully aroused before penetration, so that the woman’s vagina is well lubricated.

20. Once a man becomes sexually excited, he cannot control himself and must ejaculate

Some men believe that if they are really sexually excited, they have to have an orgasm, but this is not true. Stopping may cause some discomfort, but the discomfort will diminish on its own.

Courtesy: Lolo Cynthia ( Sex Educator)


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