How can one use a male condom properly to avoid pregnancy and STDs?

A lot of guys and ladies alike complain of getting a girl pregnant or getting impregnated or contracting sexually transmitted infections despite use of condom during sexual intercourse. When I ask them if they used the condoms properly, from their narratives, I am always not impressed by their condom use practices. Poorly using a condom is as good as not using a condom at all. If a barrier method, especially the male condom, is properly used and instructions of the manufacturer strictly adhered to, it offers about a 95 percent protection /prevention against stds (HIV) and pregnancy.

Below are instructions on how to use a male condom correctly.. ..

Proper use of male condom

  • Use condom only once
  • Use it once and dispose
  • Do not wash and re-use a condom
  • Always make sure it is handy or within reach
  • Avoid fakes. Make sure you are buying the original.
  • Condoms are better used when not under the influence of alcohol or hard drugs
  • Check that the date in which the condom is still good to be used has not passed (expiry date)
  • The package of the condom should be opened carefully with fingers (and not with teeth) to avoid damage to the condom
  • Vaseline or other oils should not be rubbed on the condom before it is used. It is already lubricated. Lubricants weakens condoms and make them prone to breakage.
  • Ensure there is no tear or hole in the condom by allowing air inside it
  • The condom should be put only on an erect penis
  • Wear the whole length of the condom over the erect penis
  • Leave a small space between the end of the punishment and the tip of the condom
  • There should not be any contact between the penis and the vagina before wearing the condom
  • Ensure you withdraw during orgasm
  • Check the tip of the condom to make sure there is no tear
  • Make condom use a habit
  • Condom already contain spermicide.
  • If you notice anything tear in the condom after intercourse please your partner should take postinor if it is female
  • If the condom is observed to have torn during use, the couple should visit a health worker for further help
  • Please do not stealth. Stealthing is the deliberate act of secretly removing the condom during sexual intercourse. It is a criminal office in some advanced countries.
  • Every used condom should be tied, wrapped in paper and thrown into a dustbin or pit. You can also bury them.
  • Condoms are not flushable. It will end up clogging and blocking your sinks.
How to use a male condom properly
Different condom brands


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