An article on tips on how to live long with hypertension, & home remedies for high blood pressure that really works.

A person is diagnosed of hypertension when he or she has a persistently high blood pressure of greater than or equal to 140/90 on two visits to the clinic. A blood pressure of 160/100 is considered hypertension especially if the risk factors are there.

To cut the long story short, I want to share with us salient tips on how to live long with hypertension (high blood pressure). Persons with high blood pressure can lead their normal lives and achieve their live goals.

The goal is to avoid complications of hypertension like stroke, kidney failure, blindness, leg ulcers and so on

So now, how can one live long with hypertension? It is easy. See below.

How to live long with high blood pressure

Accept you are hypertensive

No self pity

Take your drugs regularly

Take your drugs as prescribed

Don’t miss your drugs

Please don’t stop taking your drugs

Please refill your drugs when it finishes


Reduce your weight- know your BMI

Eat healthy meals

Avoid fatty diets

Don’t smoke

No to alcohol. At best cut down on alcohol.

Say no to anything that will stress you

Live happy

Make peace with all men

Always check your blood pressure

Have a blood pressure machine to monitor your blood pressure at home

Always talk to your doctor or health care providers

Avoid noisy environments

Don’t keep it secret, let your trusted family members know.

Don’t miss appointment with your doctor

Listen to soft music

Please make your environment as serene as possible

Don’t miss your drugs

Please know the complications of hypertension

Know thyself. Take note of the signs and symptoms you have when you suspect your blood pressure is high

Go for routine renal function test

Go for routine renal scan

Do urinalysis at least every 3 months

Go for routine chest radiograph

You will benefit from routine ECG

No herbs please

Reduce your salt intake. Low sodium diet

Please do not add uncooked salt to your meals

See the Ophthalmologist for routine eye check

Please know the names of your drugs. If possible memorize them

Avoid caffeinated drinks

Please no energy drinks

Reduce foods that contain high cholesterol

Talk to your doctor about any complications of your hypertensive medications

Go for routine blood sugar check

Don’t patronize quacks

If possible join the hypertensive support group.

Tell your trusted colleagues about your high blood pressure

Ensure you sleep well

Savour the beauty of nature

Visit friends

Go for outings, picnics or field trips

Eat plenty of fruits

Yoga, meditation, guided breathing and other relaxation techniques helps control hypertension

Tell yourself life does not end with hypertension. Get that job, build that house, start that business, get that qualification and start a family.

Don’t faith it. It is not spiritual.

how to live long with hypertension
How to live long with hypertension. Regular BP check is first step. Credit:AARP

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