Tips on how to protect your kidneys and how to have healthy kidneys.

#No to kidney failure# #Avoid the dialysis room#

How to protect your kidneys

Drink enough water

Don’t bleach

Don’t smoke

Check your Blood pressure

Exercise regularly

Avoid herbal concoctions/supplements

Don’t abuse pain medications especially NSAIDS like Ibuprofen and the likes

If obese or diabetic, check your kidney function

If you are hypertensive, ensure you take your drugs regularly

Ensure you take your drugs if you are diabetic

Limit or avoid taking alcohol

Reduce your salt intake

Do not add salt to already cooked food.

Watch your weight

Ensure you don’t get so thirsty that you feel dehydrated

Know you HIV status

If you are worried for you kidneys, request from your doctor a renal scan and a renal function test.

Don’t sell your kidneys, they one you are banking on may be the bad one.

Go for routine blood sugar test

Ensure routine medical check up

Medical conditions like uurinary tract infections (UTI) must be properly treated.

Excessive consumption of energy drinks will land your kidneys in trouble.

Treat snake and scorpion bites seriously- it can damage the kidneys. Go straight to the hospital.

Symptoms like flank pain, blood in urine, difficulty passing urine, pain on urination, waking up many times to pass urine, smelly urine, pus in urine must be reported to your doctor urgently.

Please do not take drugs unless it was prescribed by your doctors

Eat a balanced diet

Reduce the amount of sugar and fat in your diet

No binge drinking

Be more vigilant if you have a family member with kidney cancer

Don’t get burnt. Practice safe fire practices at home.

Ensure you sleep well

Eat plenty fruits

Avoid or limit excessive consumption of soft drinks

Always void your bladder. Do not hold urine for too long. Urine is a culture media for bacteria.

Do not fight or blow somebody on the flank or loin.

Please do not bleach your children or new born babies. Don’t tone their skin. Please accept the fact that you are black.

Go for routine cancer screening especially prostate cancer.

Protect your kidneys
Tips on how to keep healthy kidneys
Protect your kidneys
Healthy kidneys

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