What is you blood group? Have you gone for a blood group test? Where can you do a blood group test? How long will it take to have your test result?

What is a blood group?

A blood group or type is the classification of blood based on the presence or absence of antibiodies and inherited antigenic proteins, carbohydrates, glycoproteins, and glycolipids, on the surface of the red blood cells. Blood types are inherited and represent contributions from both parents.

Types of Blood types

There are many types of blood grouping system but the ABO and Rhesus classification is the most popular. The 4 common types are A, B, AB and O. The presence or absence of Rhesus antigen on the surface of your red cell determines whether you are Rhesus positive or negative. Persons that have Rhesus protein on their red cell cell are tagged Rhesus positive while those without antigen are tagged Rhesus negative. Over 95 percent of Nigerians are Rhesus positive. For women, it is important to know your blood type and Rhesus factor status before and even during pregnancy to avoid miscarriage from Rhesus incompatibility. Men should also do same before marriage and after marriage.

Why you should know you blood type. Benefits of blood grouping test

Doing your blood group test have both medical, social, and marital importance.

  • It is an important pre-marriage test
  • Helps to prevent blood transfusion reaction
  • It is important for planning pregnancy especially if either the man is Rhesus negative and the woman is Rhesus positive or vice-versa.
  • It makes blood transfusion faster and easier in case of accidents
  • It is a major component of medical or fitness screening certificate required by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) , National Immigration Service (NIS), the army, Police and other government or private private parastatals.
  • Knowing your blood type is part of your pre-employment or pre-placement medical check up .
  • Used for paternity testing but now outdated since the advent of DNA paternity test
  • It helps you know your Rhesus status.
  • Knowing your blood type is one of the very important routine antenatal tests for pregnant women.
  • Important in the cross-matching of blood before transfusions
  • It may guide doctors on making important diagnosis and planning of line of treatment or prevention especially in Rhesus Incompatibility.
  • Blood groups are added to wallet, purse or military tags in case you may need an emergency blood transfusion.
  • Though not backed by scientific research, some schools-of-thought believe your blood determines your character, personality and behavior.

How is the test done?

It is a blood test. A blood sample (2ml) will be collected from your vein and sent to the lab for analysis. You may feel a slight discomfort while the lab scientist, phlebotomist or doctor is drawing the blood.

Where can you do a blood grouping test?

In the hospital or a standard laboratory near you. Work to any of the standard hospitals or laboratory near you and get tested today. If you are requested to do your blood grouping test by the court, for marriage purposes, by NYSC, or for employment purposes, it is recommended you do it at a public hospital or lab. Why? The law recognises only tests done in government owned health facilities.

Cost of blood group test

It is cheap or affordable. In Nigeria, it is around #2000 to #3000 Naira. It is also covered by the National Health insurance scheme (NHIS).

When to expect results of blood grouping test

Immediately. Within 30 minutes to 1 hour the results iis ready. It may take longer if you met a queue in the test centre. The test will show your blood type and Rhesus factor.

Blood group
What is your blood type?
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