Does Pregnacare makes babies beautiful?

A pregnant woman messaged to ask if pregnacare makes a baby skin beautiful.

Her message:

Good evening my doctor and thank you for all you do. I am 20 weeks pregnant and I am currently on obron 6. Recently, I overhead two other pregnant women during one of my antenatal visits saying they were switching from the obron 6 which they are on to pregnacare max because they were told it makes the baby skin clean, flawless and beautiful they claim. One of them claimed she was she was told pregnacare contains special collagen supplements that is good for baby skin.

Doctor I want to know if this is true. Does pregnacare make the baby skin beautiful?

Does Pregnacare makes babies beautiful?

My reply:

Thank you for reaching out to find out the truth as I have heard persons make this assertion too but be rest assured that it is unfounded and at best made from the point of ignorance even though they largely make these claims from personal experience. Now, it is important that you know that beauty is inherently genetic and has nothing to do with the prenatal vitamins or drugs you took during conception.

Does Pregnacare makes babies beautiful
Pregnacare and a baby

Obron 6, the traditional routine antenatal drugs, pregnatone, pregwize and even pregnancare all perform the same function….to nourish mother and baby and most importantly to prevent congenital birth defects like anencephaly and spinal bifida in the baby. NONE. I REPEAT, NONE is better than the other.

The woman naturally has inbuilt collagen which she will pass to the baby that wi make the baby skin beautiful.She does not need any special collagen supplements from anywhere to do this.

Routine antenatal drugs are as good as obron 6 and pregnacare. So, there is no need to start trying to switch to pregnacare from obron 6 just because of the unproven claims of some persons out there. Infact, do you know that obron 6 contains higher dose of folic acid than pregnacare? There is about 800microgram of folic acid in obron 6 compared to 400microgram in pregnacare. That is double the dose. Pregnacare has no collagen supplements either.

Clear now? In conclusion, the claims that pregnacare makes baby skin beautiful compared to other prenatal vitamins are unfounded. Others are just as good. Stick to the obron 6 you are already on.

Meanwhile as a pregnant woman, I will advise you eat up and take loads of fruits and vegetables….like water melon, pumpkin leaves, oranges, ripe pawpaw and cucumbers

Take care and good luck.


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