How many times can I take postpill in a month?

A lady writes to make enquiry about how best to use postpill..

Dear nimedhealth,

Please I want to know if it is safe to take #postpill or postinor 2 more than once in a month. I read online that postpill should not be taken more than once in a month.

How many times?

My reply;

Postpill, postinor, plan b and other emergency contraceptive pills should not be taken more than once or twice a month. Anything that makes you take #postpill more than once or twice in a month amounts to abuse.

How many times can I take postpill in a month?
Postpill should not be taken more than once or a least 2 times a week

If you know that you indulge in unprotected sex more often than others and you are not ready to get pregnant, then you need to long for a longer acting contraception like IUCD that last for 10 years, DEPO PROVERA injection that last for 3 months, combined oral contraceptive pills, implanon that lasts for 5 years etc. Use these longer acting contraceptive instead of taking #postpill more than the recommended once daily.

In truth, do not take postpill more than once or at most twice a month….

Taking of postpill more than once a month results in abuse…Abuse of postpill can cause the following side effects which you will not like.

They are:

#Postpill or postinor has a whole lot of side effect especially when taken more than twice in a month.

Possible side effect for taking #postpill more than twice a month are:

*Causes irregular menstrual periods

*Scanty period

*Prone to infections easily as it increases the chances of unprotected sex.

*Can cause ectopic pregnancy

*Can make one see her period for 2 to 3 times in a month. This is called inter-menstrual bleeding

*Too much of postpill can cause breast discharge or breast tenderness

* Some patients have also experienced stomach pain, diarrhoea,bloating, dizziness, headache, tender breasts, increased vaginal bleeding and skin reactions.

I hope I have answered your question. #Postpill is an emergency contraceptive, take more longer acting contraceptives if you know that you are very active in the oda room.

Thank you.


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