herbal treatment/remedy for high blood pressure in Nigeria.

Blood pressure is the force that a person’s blood exerts against the walls of their blood vessels. This pressure depends on the resistance of the blood vessels and how hard the heart has to work.

It can lead to severe health complications and increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and sometimes death. Keeping blood pressure under control is vital for preserving health and reducing the risk of dangerous health conditions.

Herbal treatment for high blood pressure in Nigeria
There are some herbs that help lower blood pressure..

Lifestyle adjustments are the standard, first-line treatment for hypertension. Such as:

➡️ Regular physical exercise
➡️ Stress Reduction
➡️ Medication
➡️ Diet
➡️ Reduce Salt intake
➡️ Moderate Alcohol consumption
➡️ Managing Body Weight


Systolic (mmHg) / Diastolic (mmHg)

🟢 Normal blood pressure Elevated Between 120 and 128/80

🟡 Stage 1 hypertension Between 130 and 139 and Diastolic 80 and 89

🟠 Stage 2 hypertension At least 140/90

🔴 High Hypertensive crisis is Over 180/120

A person with High Blood Pressure may not notice any symptoms, and so people often call it the “SILENT KILLERS.”

Herbal treatment for high blood pressure in Nigeria


HBP Herbal Remedy 1️⃣👇🏿

➡️ Eso pear (Seeds Of Avocado)

✅ Preparation
You will sundry the aforementioned seeds. You will pulverize it to fine powder.

✅ Usage
You will be adding one full table spoon of the herbal preparation inside akamu/eko gbigbona (hot corn meal) every morning.
Use it for a month.

HBP Herbal Remedy2️⃣👇🏿

➡️ Alubosa aayun lopo (plenty Garlic)
➡️ Ginger merin (Four Ginger)
➡️ Obi abata Oloju merin meta (Kolanut with four lobes)
➡️ Omi Osan wewe (fresh lime juice)

You will chop plenty Garlic, Four Ginger, Kolanut with four lobes into pieces and soak it inside freshly extracted lime juice. Allow it to soak for 48 hours. (Not for ulcer patient)

You will be drinking a shot of the herbal preparation two times daily.

HBP Herbal Remedy 3️⃣👇🏿

➡️ Ishapa mala ( Hausa plant called Zobo/Red Roselle)
➡️ Ataare lopo (plenty alligator pepper)
➡️ Sugar Onikoro (few cubes Of sugar or sweetener)

You will boil the aforementioned items together with water.

You will be drinking one glass of it morning and night. (Not for diabetic patient)

HBP Herbal Remedy 4️⃣👇🏿

➡️ Eso Isin lopo (plenty fruits of Ackee apple)
➡️ Odidi ataare kan ( One whole Alligator Pepper)

You will burn the entire aforementioned item together.

You will be adding two table of it to a bottle of Coca-Cola drinks and drink little by little (Not for diabetic patient)

HBP Herbal Remedy 5️⃣👇🏿

➡️ Eso pandoro (fruits of Africa Kigelia)

You will chop the fruit into pieces and sundry it. You will make it to fine powder.

You will be adding one table spoon of it to Akam/Eko Gbigbona (hot corn meal) every morning.

HBP Herbal Remedy 6️⃣👇🏿

➡️ Atale (ginger)
➡️ Alubosa Ayuu(Garlic)
➡️ Alubosa Onisu (cooking onion)
➡️ Alubosa elewe (Leafy Onion)
➡️ Eti Erin (Aloe vera)
➡️ Madun maro tutu (unidentified)

You will pound the entire aforementioned items together. You soak it inside water overnight. The following morning. You will sieve it.

You will mix it with honey (original natural honey) You will be drinking it bit by bit.

HBP Herbal Remedy 7️⃣👇🏿

➡️ Omi agbo lita kan (one liter of coconut water)
➡️ Omi igbin lita kan (One liter of snail water)
➡️ Oyin igan lita kan (One liter of natural honey)
➡️ Oti gin liter kan (one liter of white gin)

You will mix the aforementioned together.

You will be drinking it bit by bit

HBP Herbal Remedy 8️⃣👇🏿

➡️ Adodo Ako Ibepe ( flower of male pawpaw species/That is cariaca papaya that does not bear fruit but only flower)
➡️ Omi ti won fe se Iru (water that is used to ferment locust beans )

You will soak the flower inside the water for seven days. After seven days you will start to use it a shot twice daily for 30 days.

HBP Herbal Remedy 9️⃣👇🏿

➡️ Ewe Enupekure/Enuopire(fresh leaves of Euphorbia lateriflora)
➡️ Ewe Orupa (leaves of Hymenocardia acida)
➡️ Eeru (croton lobatus)

Boil the entire aforementioned item with water.

You will be drinking one glass of it daily.
You will also be bathing with it.

HBP Herbal Remedy🔟👇🏿

➡️ Eeru Alaamon(Split seeds of Xylopia aethopica)
➡️ Egbo Ipeta (roots of Securidaiac Longepediculata)
➡️ Ose dudu (local black soap)

You will grind the aforementioned with local black soap.

The person will be bathing with it two times daily.

I’ll stop here today…

ℹ️ Without detection, hypertension can damage the heart, blood vessels, and other organs, such as the kidneys. It is vital to check blood pressure regularly.

You can get most of these ingredients from local herbal sellers around you or order the prepared one from us.

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