Health benefits of zobo drink to man…benefits of zobo drink to man sexually

Zobo drink is a common beverage consumed throughout the globe. However, it’s origin can be traced down to the hausa people in West Africa and beyond. In Nigeria, it is one of the popular traditional drinks of the Northeners, the “Hausa-Fulanis”. Zobo drink has not only become a “household name”, it is now served in ceremonies and parties as light refreshment.

Zobo drink is an Hausa name, referred to as Hibiscus tea in English. It is made majorly from Dried roselle leaves or Sorrel leaves, botanically known as “Hibiscus Sabdariffa”. Other ingredients used in making zobo include Cloves, Cinnamon sticks, False cubeb pepper, Star anise seeds, Dried ginger roots. Pineapple, Lemons or other citrus fruits can be added to enrich the drink and enhance both flavor and aroma.

Nutritional Value of Zobo drink

Zobo is a highly nutritious drink. Nutrients such as Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorous, Niacin, Riboflavin, Fiber, Fat, Thiamine, Carotene, etc. Even the dried zobo leaves (roselle leaves) alone has been found to contain several potent nutrients including the aforementioned that are beneficial to health.

What are the Health Benefits of Zobo drink to Man?

Although consumed as a source of refreshment to many, it will interest you to know that zobo is highly medicinal and can serve also as a herbal drink. It contains antioxidants, and antimicrobial properties that can help improve health and treat diseases. In this article we will aldo look at the sexual benefits of zobo drink to man (males).

Health benefits of zobo drink to man

Below are health benefits a man can derive from the consumption of zobo drink.

Zobo drink boost sperm count:

Zobo drink can also help improve sperm count in men. Zobo drink increase sperm production and sperm motility in males. This becomes more potent when ginger is used in the making of the drink and when consumed daily.

Health benefits of zobo drink to man
Health benefits of zobo drink to man…zobo provides numerous sexual benefits for males

Boost fertility in men:

Consumption of zobo can help men become potent; thereby, increase their chances of getting a woman pregnant. Zobo drink increase male libido and enhanced erection…Men who take zobo drink will last longer in bed.

Prevent Prostate Cancer in men:

Hibiscus tea contains anti-cancer properties- polyphenols compounds. These compounds can help reduce the rate of growth of tumour and cancerous cells; thus, preventing prostate cancer in men.

In addition to these benefits listed above; zobo drink can also help:

Reduce Blood Pressure:

Zobo drink is believed to help hypertensive patients with reduction and treatment of high blood pressure.

Boost immune system:

Zobo contains active ingredients and nutrients that help in the improvement of the immune system. Zobo drink helps boost your immunity in fighting off infections and diseases in males and females.

Help with loss of weight:

For men seeking to lose weight, it is recommended you include intake of Hibiscus tea into your diet. A cup of zobo daily can help shed off excess pounds, as well as burn out belly or body fat.

Reduce high cholesterol levels:

It has been shown that Zobo helps increase good cholesterol (HDL) in the body and reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Zobo or Hibiscus tea helps reduce high levels of fat in the blood; thus, reducing the risk of heart diseases.

Promote better sleep:

Zobo contains antioxidants that can help improve the quality of our sleep. Having Zobo drink before bedtime can help you relax and sleep better. Zobo drink can also help treat insomnia.

Reduce blood sugar levels:

Zobo contains hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic properties that help regulate the blood glucose levels. Inclusion of zobo intake in diets can help reduce the risk of type 11 diabetes in men.


These and many more are the health benefits a man can derive from the intake of zobo drink. It is safe to say that Zobo drink can be consumed at any time of day, be it in the morning, afternoon or night before bed.

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