Advantages and disadvantages of drinking coca-cola……See the Pros and Cons of drinking coca cola.

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Coca-cola, commonly known as coke on the streets of Nigeria, is a type of carbonated soft drink sold in different stores and places worldwide. Coke’s popularity extends to about 200 countries globally. This article will review the advantages and disadvantages of coca-cola.

Advantages of Coca-cola

You know that feeling that comes with taking something as refreshing as “coke” when exhausted. That feeling is nothing out of this world. Asides the pleasure we derive from taking this refreshing soft drink, it will please you to know that there are other advantages that could be attached to drinking coca-cola.

Let’s get to find out below:

👉Can help prevent Nausea: Taking coca-cola drink can help reduce nauseating sensation.

👉Can help Quench Thirst: Coke is a common drink used in quenching thirst. This is common among roadside workers, and students. But note that coke does not quench thirst better than water.

Advantages and disadvantages of drinking coca-cola
Advantages and disadvantages of drinking coca-cola.

👉Can aid Digestion: Most people take coke to help with digestion. For instance, taking coke with bread will help digest the bread quickly than eating the bread just like that.

👉Helps complement Snacks: People take coke to help complement. For example, coke can be taken with bread, snacks, biscuits and more.

👉Gives full satisfaction: For a quick and refreshing taste, coke is an option to consider as it reduces hunger sensation by keeping your appetite filled.

👉Treats hypoglycemia: Are you having low blood sugar, don’t worry just take coke and see how your blood glucose will get back to normal… Coca-cola is readily available for treating hypoglycemia.

Disadvantages of Coca-cola

In as much as there are a lot of advantages and pleasure derived from the intake of coca-cola, it comes with demerits. But, please note that these demerits will only occur if consumed in excessive amounts.

👉Diabetes: Coca-cola contain lots of sugar and calories that can be broken down as glucose used in giving the body energy. However, if consumed excessively could pre-dispose one to the risk of having diabetes due to an increase in blood sugar level.

👉Increases Blood Pressure: Experts have reasons to believe that excessive consumption of soft drinks could raise blood pressure due to the presence of fructose.

👉Cause Tooth decay: The level of acidity present in coke is capable of dissolving the mineral content of the enamel, which in turn could weaken the teeth, and make it at great risk of decaying.

👉Could affect the Kidney: To turn down the effects that could result from the acidity in coke, calcium mineral from your bones is used in safeguarding your health. The elimination of calcium from your urine could slowly form into stones in the kidney and could damage or affect the kidney.

👉Risk of Osteoporosis in Older Women: Excessive intake of coca-cola for a long time has shown increased chances of osteoporosis developing. This however pertains to older women and not men.

👉Could cause digestive issues like Bloating: In as much as coca-cola aids digestion, it is still a carbonated soft drink, and if excessively consumed could store up a lot of gas in the stomach and cause digestive issues bloating.


High intake of coca-cola can be cut down by drinking alternatives such as water, juice, tea (could be herbal, green or black tea). Tea contains antioxidants that help boost the immune system. There are a lot of advantages that comes with drinking coca-cola, however it should be taken moderately as with other types of sodas/soft drinks.

Stella-maris Achumba is an aspiring Public Health Practitioner. Amongst her God given talents, she is great at writing and storytelling. She has the book “Journey to Self” to her credit. She is as well competent in Copywriting, Digital marketing and Graphics design.

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