Health benefits of catfish pepper soup…

Catfish pepper soup is one of the popular delicacy in Nigeria. The aroma and taste of it will make you to always ask for more. However, aside the fact that this pepper soup taste great, it has so many health benefits for children, men and women alike. Most people are unaware of the amazing benefits that catfish pepper soup gives and does to their body when they consume it.

Health benefits of catfish pepper soup
How healthy is catfish pepper soup? Read on

*Health Benefits of Catfish Pepper soup*

Catfish pepper soup promotes weight loss

Many person trying to watch their weight should add catfish pepper soup to their regimen. Catfish pepper soup is good for weight loss….it does not cause weight gain.

Helps with cold, cough and respiratory issues

The the ginger , garlic , pepper and other spices used to prepare catfish pepper soup helps to open up the airway and clear blocked nose. Catfish pepper soup also relieve the cough and helps to clear to phlegm in the throat.

Promotes a healthy heart

Catfish fish tank s very rich in good cholesterol which is very good for the heart. Persons living with heart diseases can eat catfish pepper soup with worries. It helps to regulate heart rate and function

Aids digestion

Catfish pepper soup is very rich in fibres which promotes digestion and aids gut health.

Has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties

Of course this is true. Spices used to make catfish pepper soup have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Keeps you hydrated

Catfish pepper soup prevents dehydration because it is rich in water and other minerals.

Improves dental health

Catfish pepper soup is rich in Calcium and vitamin C which aids dental health.

Rich in antioxidants

It also provides the body with antioxidants that help mop up free radicals that are toxic to the cell and the body.

Boost your immune system;

Catfish pepper soup is very rich in vitamin c and vitamin D which boost the ability of the body to fight diseases.

Stimulates the gut and enhance bowel movement.

The spices and fibres in catfish pepper soup provides this health benefits

Treats anemia.

Catfish contains iron and this helps to boost blood production and increase the packed cell volume (hemoglobin).


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