Side effects of castor seed for family planning…

It is no longer news that a good number of ladies use castor seed , castor bean or castor seed oil for family planning. Yes, they use it to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse.

According to Wikipedia, family planning is “the ability of individuals and couples to anticipate and attain their desired number of children and the spacing and timing of their births. It is achieved through use of contraceptive methods.

Many ladies and women who do not believe in the modern methods of birth control but want to be able to decide when to give birth almost always resort to the traditional methods of contraception which involves the use of castor seed. It is said that swallowing a castor seed will prevent a women from getting pregnant for one year while swallowing 2 seeds will be effective for two years.

5 Side effects of castor seed for family planning
The Side effects of castor seed for family planning are numerous

Swallowing castor seed for family planning is not only unsafe, it has life threatening side effects coupled with the fact that it is ineffective and dies not work. You doubt me? Look no further👇

I spoke with some women who have tried using castor seed for birth control and family planning. From experience , here are the side effects they reported.

Comments on the side effects of castor seed for family planning.

Aishatu Monkele

“Castor seed nearly killed me when I took it for birth control and family planning, I landed in the hospital bed.”

Castor seed does not work in preventing pregnancy. It is not a safe and effective contraceptive. Here is why…When I had my first baby, I decided I was not going to use any of the modern family planning initiatives, so I opted for the traditional or natural method….a friend introduced castor seed to me and told me to swallow it for it will prevent me from getting pregnant for up to a year. I did swallow the sees and I was even drinking castor seed oil for birth control. To my utmost disappointed I got pregnant 6 months after I gave birth to my first baby. The castor seed I swallow for birth control and family planning failed me…..Just to add, castor seed is very poisonous, I remember the severe diarrhoea I had some hours after drinking the castor oil for contraception, I was so dehydrated and weak that I was rushed to the hospital where I was admitted. The doctor said I suffered from castor seed poisoning. He said castor seed contains a toxic chemical called ricin, which is responsible for its toxicity. The severe vomiting and diarrhea that followed my swallowing castor seed made me develop low blood potassium. I spent about 10 days on admission for castor seed poisoning.

Chioma Anyanwu

“The doctor said, I suffered electrolyte derangement following my swallowing of castor seed for family planning….I nearly died, it shut down my kidneys”

An old female family friend told me she used castor seed for birth control in her time and it worked for her. She told me to try it because it is safe, prevents pregnancy for 5 years and without side effects….This is my story, that was how I decided to swallow castor seed for family planning that landed in in hospital bed for one month. After took the castor seed and that was how my health challenges started….I developed severe diarrhoea and I was gravely dehydrated, before I got to the hospital, there was almost no water left in my body, my kidneys have shut down from dehydration and the doctor said I also had electrolyte derangement(low potassium, low, sodium, low chloride etc). I has 3 courses of dialysis before my kidneys picked up again….I spent one of my young life in the hospital and I almost died. My advise to all young ladies and women is this: castor seed is poisonous and should never be used as contraceptive, it does not work and can lead you to early grave. Seek an alternative, safer, effective and modern methods of family planning, FLEE FROM CASTOR SEED!

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