Can salt and water flush out sperm from the body? Does salt and water flush out sperm? Can salt water destroy pregnancy? Can salt and water flush pregnancy? Can salt and water solution stop pregnancy?

You will find your answer in this funny but educative article by for your education ….

👉 To people that drink salt water after sex to flush sperm or wash out sperm, take note of this:

Semen goes into your womb.

Salt water goes into your stomach.

Two different tunnels in the same body. There’s no connection between them. Salt and water does not flush out sperm neither can it be used to prevent pregnancy or abort a baby.

Drinking salt and water after sex to flush out sperm to prevent getting pregnant won’t work. Douching inside your body with salt and water after sex to wash out sperm or kill the sperm won’t work also. It is like noticing your toilet is dirty and washing your kitchen.Salt and water solution cannot stop pregnancy.

You just wasted your time 🌚

👉 “But I drink Postinor too, how does it work?”

Postinor is a drug.

Salt water is not.

Postinor contain hormones that prevent a woman producing eggs and thicken mucus at cervix – So the sperm and egg don’t meet to cause a pregnancy.

Do you understand?

That’s WHY and HOW it works.

👉 Now, even contraceptive pills specifically designed to prevent pregnancy have failure rates.

Can salt and water flush out sperm from the body?
Can salt and water flush out sperm from the body? It doesn’t

That means they can fail in a few cases.
But somebody is relying on salt water. Or hot 7up and alabukun (a painkiller).

See ehn when the time/conditions is right, that baby will show and you will do baby dedication. Invite me please.

👉 And to those who use Andrew Liver Salt as contraceptive, I have bad news 😂

Andrew Liver Salt is a laxative. It will only make your poo softer and easy to come out. It has no business with sperm at all. There is no meeting point.

So you can’t poo the sperm out 😂😂
Another waste of time

👉 To People that take hot 7Up and are sure it will certainly prevent pregnancy: But wait, I have just one question.

Why not the cold 7up? 😂😂😂😂

Is it that the heat from the hot 7Up will make the sperm/baby uncomfortable it will run out of your body for fresh air? Or what?

👉 And to those who use Alabukun, I’m sorry I have bad news for you as well 😂😂
I’m not sparing any of u people this morning.
Alabukun is a painkiller. So it’s even good if you use it immediately after sex. It will ease off the pain and make your body stronger to carry the baby. 😂

👉 To those that drink alcohol to prevent pregnancy and wash out sperm:

No I didn’t forget you😂😂
Some will even be specific and say “small stout” or “sachet gin”, I have good news for you.

Alcohol will help your body relax so well after the sex, so that the new baby can settle down and feel at home 😂

👉 And in a few months, when you miss your period and get pregnant, you blame the chemist or the brand of Ampiclox you used.

And actually using antibiotics as contraceptives is as good as using Usain Bolt as striker in a football game.
But you have gone to fight your chemist 😂😂😂

👉 And to those who use Ampiclox immediately after sex:
Ampiclox is an antibiotic. An antibiotic is used to fight an infection. I’m trying hard not to laugh here, but sperm is not an infection 😂😂😂😂

So that Ampiclox will enter your system and be confused on what to do 😂😂😂

👉 And to those that quickly rush to the toilet to wash “inside their body” after sex to flush out sperm:

See, ALL a man’s semen required to get you pregnant is for just ONE sperm- that you can never see with your eyes- to enter the cervix and meet the egg somewhere in the tube.

👉 Once you have unprotected sex with or without withdrawal method, you must use emergency contraceptive pills or morning after pills like postinor and postpill or plan b within 72 hours to prevent pregnancy for your peace of mind. These drugs work better if taken immediately.

Douching immediately after intercourse won’t save you, because the sperm travels fast. And even if you use a hose, it can’t reach the sperm. Too late for you as you are about to get pregnant if you are not on your safe period 😂

Understood? Please do. Postinor 2 is within reach ….it will help, not salt and water contraceptive.

Drinking salt and water can cause you hypertension and kidney damage.


  1. So what natural remdy can one use to flush the sperm or avoid the pregnancy,if the person dosent want to take pills

  2. After unprotected intercourse insert vitamin c ascorbic acid with bioflavonoids this kills sperm it works .

    I recommend purchasing the brand now 1000 vitamin c with bioflavonoids and rose hip

  3. What natural way can someone flush sperm after omo I enjoyed your article tho very catchy and interesting 😂


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