6 Medical courses that go for internship in Nigeria.

Medical internship called housemanship in medical practice is a form of a one year paid compulsory practical medical education. Here new graduates from different medical fields are made undergo a mandatory one year medical skill acquisition training with monetary remuneration before they can issued their permanent practicing licences.

In Nigeria, there are about 6 medical courses that usually go for compulsory internship training program…They are:

6 Medical courses that go for internship in Nigeria

1. Medicine and surgery (doctors)

Certified Medicine and Surgery graduates are the first set of people in the medical field to go for internship program which they call housemanship or house job. These fresh doctors, undergo a paid compulsory one your intensive medical training in teaching hospitals, federal medical centres, general hospitals, and some private hospitals where they learn some skills like patient care, consultation, intravenous cannulation, wound care, drug administration, suturing, theatre behaviour and even minor surgical procedures. During their internship training , they take calls and also assist in surgeries. After their compulsory one year housemanship, the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria can now issue them their permanent practicing licence which they are expected by law to go renew annually.

Medical courses that go for internship in Nigeria
A medical doctor intern

2. Dentistry (Dentists)

Dentists are also doctors and after 6 years of rigorous undergraduate training, they are issued a certificate of Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)… dentists are called dental surgeons. Students who graduated from school of dentistry are made to compulsory go for a paid one year internship training program in any of our teaching hospitals, general hospital, federal medical centres and accredited private hospitals or dental clinics. During dental housemanship, dental graduates are taught basic dental procedures like tooth filling, tooth extraction, drainage of dental abscess, scaling and polishing, root canal treatment, and dental radiography.

3. Nursing (Nurses)

In Nigeria, not all cadre of nurses go for internship, in 2016, graduate of BNSC nursing or BSC nursing from the universities finally got approval from the federal government for one year compulsory internship training with pay. Fresh graduates from BSC nursing are trained on basic and advanced nursing care as well as hospital management.

4. Pharmacy (Pharmacists)

After graduation, fresh university graduates from pharmacy go for their mandatory internship program with monthly salary. During the internship training, they are trained on how to manage dispensaries, compound drugs, and supplier drugs to hospital wards. Pharmacist interns practically run the teaching hospital dispensaries. It is after the compulsory one year internship that young pharmacy graduates are issued their permanent practicing licence from the pharmaceutical council of Nigeria.

5. Medical laboratory science

Graduates from medical lab science go for one year internship program in teaching hospitals, federal medical centres, established and accredited laboratories, and general hospitals. During their internship training program, medical lab scientists are rotated through various labs like haematology (blood bank), microbiology, chemical pathology and morbid anatomy. Medical lab scientist are paid during their internship training in Nigeria… After the internship,med lab scientists are issued permanent licence before proceeding to NYSC according to their age.

6. Physiotherapy (Physiotherapist)

Physiotherapy interns are hard workers. Fresh graduates from the department of physiotherapy also undergo one year paid internship training program especially at teaching hospitaps and Federal medical centres after which they are issued their permanent licence.

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  1. Before or during the internship, can a Dental Surgery candidate switch to Medicine so as to practice and given a license in Medicine? Appreciates!


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