What is the Cost of breast reduction surgery in Ghana?

Ghanaians, please read the passage below:

Breast reduction surgery is used to decrease or reduce the size of breast and reshape the breast so that it matches with rest of the body. Breast reduction Surgery is needed in those patients who develop excessively large breasts either genetically or due to some disease. Enlarge breasts cause pain in shoulder, back, neck & infection of folds. Additionally it causes social embarrassment.

On Breast reduction, there are very many myths and truths about surgery ⬇️

In fact, there are not as many myths here as one would expect. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Breast augmentation surgeries are still in the lead in myths!

But they don’t talk about the operation to reduce breast volumes so often, but in vain.

More often 15% of the total number of operations on the mammary gland falls on its reduction.

Most often, those who have breasts from the fifth size or more and are tired of the excessively large breasts resort to this method (breast reduction) to save themselves:

🔸 from chronic back pain;
🔸 from pains all over the body;
🔸 from limitations and difficulties in daily life;
🔸 from diaper rash in the folds of the chest;
From the impossibility of picking up lingerie and clothes.

The aim of breast reduction is to have a smaller and uplifted breast.

Medical researches have also shown that a future risk of breast cancer may be reduced (but not totally eliminated) after reduction mammaplasty (breast reduction surgery).

Cost of breast reduction surgery in Ghana
Before and after breast reduction surgery.

And of course, as in any other operation, the risks and overall success depend both on the skill of the surgeon and on correct planning.

However, breast reduction is one of those operations that not only brings joy, but also literally changes life for the better.

Breast reduction surgery takes 2 to 3 hours under general anaesthesia. It consists of removal of excess skin, fat and breast tissue with repositioning of nipple. Essentially achieving breast lift as well. After surgery sports bra is worn. Recovery from surgery may take 2 to 4 weeks. Results of surgery are long lasting.

Occasionally, patients may only undergo breast liposuction to reduce breast size especially in females with excessive breast size due to more fatty element.

After all, immediately after the operation, all the girls feel relief.

Cost of breast reduction surgery in Ghana Cedis

Breast reduction surgery is not cheap. It is an expensive procedure globally and it is not covered by health insurance. The average cost of breast reduction surgery in Ghana is around GHC 1,000,000 – GHC 2,500,000 million Ghana Cedis. You can have this procedure done in Korle Bu hospital or other plastic or cosmetic surgery centres in Ghana.

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