ASTYMIN Vs ASTYFER: The Difference Between Astymin and Astyfer Syrup

I would like to educate us on the differences of the two popular blood tonics – ASTYMIN and ASTYFER

This is the function of Astymin:


Astymin Forte is a medication which contains multiple vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes etc which are required in certain disease condition which causes a loss or deficiency of these substances or certain healing processes may require a boost in these substances.

Astymin is an amino acid intravenous nutritional supplement. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are essential for normal growth and repair of body cells and tissues for growing children and it helps adults too.

Intravenous astymin is given to malnourished children and even adults, patients with protein deficiency as a result chronic infections, trauma or surgery.


ASTYMIN Vs ASTYFER: The Difference Between Astymin and Astyfer Syrup
Astymin and Astyfer compared and contrasted


This is the function of Astyfer:

Astyfer is a blood building tonic that is rich in iron, amino acids and vitamins.
Astyfer is gentle iron supplement with amino acids and vitamin B complex, formulated to deliver an ideal amount of iron to the body while remaining gentle on the stomach.

Astyfer belongs to a group called Heamatinics. The uniqueness of the product stems from the inclusion of important amino acids which enhances the concentration of iron in the blood hence increases the heamatocrit level.
Hematocrit means the ratio of the volume of red blood cells to the total volume of blood.
Astyfer provides an ideal source of iron and other nutrients for the normal production of astyferred blood cells, to help maintain energy levels, health and vitality.

If you are a sickle cell patient and you have been getting blood transfusions regularly you may not want to add more iron, so astyfer is not good for you. This is because, transfused blood has lots of iron in it already which is why many HBSS patients have to take iron chelators like desferal and exjade to get the excess iron out. Too much iron is not good and can damage your liver or pancreas. So before taking any supplement check with your hematologist first so that they check your iron and vitamin levels. If you are not getting transfused it makes sense to want to build the blood up with natural supplements like this so still a good idea to check with your doctor first. You may never know, if the doctor thinks its a good idea he may refer others to think about using it.

Sickle Cell Matters


  1. I want to be healthy, strong, fleshy and vital.
    I really need fleshy body
    Which of this should I use, is it astyfer or astymin Sir?

  2. Hello doc, thanks for the explanation. Pls which is best for children that just finished medication. Their blood levels are ok. I just want them to recover fast .

  3. Hello doc,
    Thank you for educating us about this. My children (6 years and 4 years) were diagnosed with low pcv, the doctor then recommended astymin. I was of the opinion that since it had to do with the blood astyfer should be proper. Please I need your advice sir. Thank you in anticipation.

  4. Thanks so much for educating us on the difference doc pls I want to ask can one who always complain of eye turning use astymin

  5. My question is I bought astymin and astyfer but I don’t know it can’t be used together… Please what can I do or is it adviceable to use one first before using the other one

  6. Pls what will I give my daughter she’s disbalanced that is can’t stand steady or walk without holding something recently. She’s 2 years plus. Shes always falling to the right side. Pls what should I do now. Thanks. I pray this latter gets to u

  7. Hello Doc. Please is astyfer good for children, my kids are not SCDs but the always have low HB. Meanwhile they are two boy and G6PD difficient

  8. Thanks Doc for your explanations.
    I needed a blood tonic after treating malaria and typhoid but when I went to a pharmacy shop to get it, Astymin was given to me instead of Astyfer, meaning the right one wasn’t given to me based on your explanation.

  9. Please Doc, how do I take astymin and astyfer, I really need the two. After taking one, how long do I wait before taking the other?


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