Intending Couples?: 12 (blood) tests you must do before marriage, list of blood tests before marriage, medical test for intending couples, What to check before marriage.

Marriage is a beautiful and it becomes more beautiful if intending couples know their health status before tying the knot.

What is the importance of blood test before marraige?

The is important for intending couples to do some basic blood tests before marriage because:

➡️it builds trust
➡️it builds confidence
➡️it ensures healthy babies are born
➡️important for decision making before marriage
➡️it enables couples know the health status of their spouses
➡️it removes future heart breaks.
➡️it is vital in family planning

Now, medical test for intending couples?

Here are 12 blood tests you must do before marriage..

1. Genotype test
2. HIV test
3. Blood group
4. Rhesus group
5. Hepatitis B
6. Hepatitis C
7. Herpes simplex virus test
8. STDs
9. Fertility test
10. Seminal fluid analysis
11. Hormonal Profile
12. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) test.

1. Genotype Test

All intending couples as a matter of fact must do compulsory blood genotype testing before marriage to avoid giving birth to an HBSS child.

Don’t let love or faith blind you to making irrational and regrettable decisions about marrriage.

It is important you know your genotype and that of the partner you intend to marry. No hard feelings, if your genotypes are not compatible, respectably call off the relationship.

I am happy that many churches and mosques now lay emphasis on genotype test and compatibility before marriage.

States in Nigeria like Anambra and Adamawa has passed laws that prohibits intending couples that are genotype incompatible from marrying. Premarital screening for sickle cell disease and thalassemia test before marriage is very crucial.

2. HIV

HIV test is a blood test that is also very vital before marriage. Though nowadays, it necessarily does not stop marital union, you and your partner knowing your HIV statuses is very important for planning sexual intercourse, pregnancy and delivery during marriage.

3. Blood Group

What is your blood group? Please it is important you know your blood group and that of your partner before a marriage. It might come in handy when you meed to donate blood for your spouse in certain situations epecially during childbirth for the woman or your child.

Intending Couples?: 12 (blood) tests you must do before marriage
Marriage tests you must do before you sign the marriage register.

4. Rhesus Group

I have once meet a woman who has had 4 still births because of Rhesus incompatibility. She was Rhesus negative while her husband was Rhesus positive but they didn’t know this until after their fourth still birth long after marriage.This was the reason she was having recurrent still births.

She is presently with 2 living children after they discovered they were rhesus incompatible and we placed the woman on some drugs (Rhogam) during her fifth and sixth pregnancy.

Rhesus incompatibility should not stop intending couples from getting married, it is just important you know so that you can plan your pregnancy with your doctor. Rh factor blood test before marriage is vital.

5. Hepatitis B

A blood test. Hepatitis B virus affects the liver and can lead to liver failure and liver cancer if not properly treated. Right now, there are over 20 million Nigerians living with hepatis B infection. It does not stop your marriage but the knowledge about your HBV status is vital. Luckily it is preventable via vaccination. Go and get tested and get vaccinated.

6. Hepatitis C

Just like Hepatitis B, it is important couples know their hepatitis C virus status. Hepatitis C virus attacks the liver, can cause liver failure and hepatic cancer. It is important for couples to know their hepatitis C virus status before marriage.

7. Herpes simplex virus test

Some persons insist i must add this test as a pre-requisite before marriage. Herpes us responsibe for cold sores on the mouth that many people mistake for malaria. Herpes causes painful gental ulcers and can cause miscarriage in women.

8. STDs

Intending couples should be thouroghly screened for all the sexually transmitted infections known to humans. HIV, herpes and hepatitis B are STDs that have been mentioned earlier. Other STIs that intending marriage partners should be tested for are gonorrhoea, syphilis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, cervicitis, chancroid, and pelvic inflammatory disease (for women).

9. Fertility

Before getting married, intending couples have high hopes of bearing children so fertility test to determine the ability of a woman to get pregnant and the ability of the man to impregnate his wife should be carried out. Common fertility test done for intending couples include: seminal fluid analysis for males, and hormonal profile for females. The woman may also carry out HSG test to ensure the tubes are not blocked.

10. Seminal fluid Analysis

A Sperm test before marriage. A male fertility test to determine the viability and quality of his sperm…the semen volume, sperm motility and sperm count will be evaluated during SFA. The woman you are about to marry should be aware of this. It brings trust and peace of mind. It is a form of potency test before marriage for males.

11. Hormonal Profile

Here, female reproductive hormone like estrogen, progesterone are tested and checked for any abnormalities. Hormonal profile test also checks the amount of testosterone in both the male and the female. Testosterone is very important for sexual desire or libido.

12. Human Papilloma Virus

It is sexually transmitted and have been implicated in cervical, anal and penile cancer. It presents as genital or anal warts. A doctor will detect this during examination.

On a lighter note…..💠💠💠💠💠

A lady commented that “there should be a strong penis erection test for the males” before marriage.

Me: i understand madam, but you are in the best position to do that test for him to find out. No doctor can objectively determine that. As a doctor we can only do seminal fluid analysis and other blood tests for him.

Other persons have suggested mental state examination, personality test, emotional intelligence test, lie detector test and IQ test before marriage. Some churches may request for a pregnancy test before marriage.

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