Does squatting make your butt size bigger and firmer?

Squatting will NEVER give a woman excessively big buttocks.

You either naturally have it (genes)
Or you buy it (surgery).

Squatting makes what you already have to be firmer, NOT bigger. But you all love lies and false hopes.

Many IG, Hollywood and Snapchat celebs go under the knife, get Botox injections or do a fat transfer to their buttocks, then later go to the gym just to snap pictures- and many of you gullibly believe it so easily. Simply because you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.

Does squatting make your butt size bigger and firmer?
Does squatting make your butt size bigger and firmer? Amber Rose: Before and after Brazillian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift surgery is the fastest growing plastic surgery now according to American plastic surgeons.

Over 17million people did some form of cosmetic surgery in 2018 according to reports. But those are the same people wearing tracksuits and trainers for gym selfies.

Let me explain to you in simple terms for you to get it.

What you see as big buttocks is essentially FAT. Not muscle.
That’s why it is soft and it jiggles.
Muscle doesn’t jiggle.

Now when you squat/gym, what happen is that you are building muscle. Not fat.

Do you understand?

Because squatting essentially builds muscle, what it does is to make the buttocks FIRMER, and NOT bigger.

Because again, for the buttocks to be big, soft and jiggly- it needs FAT- and squatting will NEVER cause fat deposition in the buttocks.

Does that make sense?

You are either going to have the fat artificially transferred to your buttocks by a surgeon, or naturally deposited there because of your genes.

That’s why most ladies with a big backside have mothers or sisters with a big backside. It tends to run in families.

Again, ask yourself a simple question- can you do as much squatting/exercise as female weightlifters & female athletes? Do they have big buttocks?

Because these women do a lot of squatting and exercises, they have practically burnt almost all the fat and just have muscles built.

Does squatting make your bum size bigger and firmer?
Does squatting make your butt size bigger? No, it only makes it firmer or harder

Again, for those who prefer delusions and deceit to the truth.

IF you are not naturally endowed through good genes or you get surgical help, you will NEVER get an excessively big backside just from squatting.

Don’t get me wrong- your butts will feel firmer. And that’s just it.

The sad part in this is women who have squatted for years and achieved nothing in terms of an excessive big ass watch the rest of you gullible ones deceive yourself doing a futile squatting in hopes of something that will never happen.

They know. But they let you fool yourself.

Look around you.
Check people that you know with a noticeable very big backside- ask them, how many of them squat or even do any exercise at all?

Most of them just grow it.
Same way there’s NO exercise to develop big breasts, there’s NO exercise to develop big buttocks.


Ask yourself. Why are they fixated on lying to you that squatting can massively increase buttocks size but they don’t make same arguments for breasts? Face with tears of joy

There are muscles in the chest. Just like there are muscles in the buttocks.

I hope you are aware of this?

However what we call “breasts” is mainly FAT. Just like what we call “bum” is mainly FAT. This is why they are both soft, jiggly and attractive.

Nobody exercises their chest to make their boobs bigger but you want to squat to make your buttocks bigger.

This is common sense.

In conclusion: I have NOT said squatting is useless. It’s a form of exercise and ALL exercise is good for your health. And it also makes your natural buttocks firmer.

However squatting is USELESS if your aim is to develop an excessively big backside like the Khardashians.

Don’t waste your time.
IF you were never going to have a very big buttocks naturally before, squatting will NEVER give it to you.

Don’t be deceived. Those who know you are fooling yourself keep quiet so you will learn the hard way.

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment.

Dr Olufunmilayo


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