How to prepare Groundnut Soup

Groundnut soup is a highly tasty and nutritious soup and this is how you can prepare it at your home.


3 cups of groundnut (The Groundnut you use is roasted Groundnut)
1/2 cup of crayfish
Goat meat
4 tomatoes
3 big tatashe
1 onions
7 atarodo
Grinded Ehuru (optional) -it is calabash nutmeg.. It’s a pepper soup spice.
5 yellow pepper
Crayfish seasoning cubes
1 cooking spoon of palm oil
2 big smoked round fish (ejakika)
Salt to taste

How to prepare groundnut soup
Groundnut soup + Eba


Grind the Groundnut with your food processor , you can grind it in the market. It will be like a smooth paste.
Wash and season goat meat with seasoning, onions, and salt. Add water and cook till almost cooked.

Wash and blend tomato, atarodo, tatashe and onions, dont add too much water when blending.
Cut the yellow pepper or grind roughly.
In a pot, add oil, once it is heated, add the tomato paste. Allow to cook for 10 minutes.

Add the Groundnut paste to it gradually and melt it in the tomato paste.
Add goat meat and some of the stock, if it’s too thick, add extra stock.
Add crayfish and yellow pepper. Allow to cook for 10 minutes.

Debone and wash the smoked fish, add to the soup. Correct the seasoning.

Pick, cut and wash ugu. Add the ugu to the soup. Cook for 30 seconds.

Groundnut Soup Is ready. Apart from Eba,you can also eat the soup with pounded yam, semi, Amala, wheat, fufu, and rice. In fact, it goes with any swallow.

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