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Why Do You Not Tourniquet a Snake Bite?
A snake bite

Why Do You Not Tourniquet a Snake Bite?

Why Do You Not Tourniquet a Snake Bite?, Reasons you should not apply tourniquet as first aid treatment for snake bite.
Tying a tourniquet above a snake bite is old fashioned advice and leads to problems.
For instance it can concentrate the venom around that body part which can lead to that body having to be cut off because of gangrene or even death because as soon as the tourniquet is released.
Why Do You Not Tourniquet a Snake Bite?
A snake bite
The venom can go directly to the heart. The most important thing after a snake bite is to KEEP CALM. The faster your heart beats, the faster the venom spreads around the body causing more harm.
Make sure the person CAN’T move.
Movement makes blood supply to the heart faster.
Do not move the body part that has been bitten.
Remove constricting clothing or jewelry because the area surrounding the bite will likely swell.
If it is a leg, then get a stick and tie it to the other limb so that it is immovable; If the snake bites the arm. Tie the arm to the body.
Check the image below for pointers👇
Reason you should not apply a tourniquet at first aid for snake bite
First aid tip for snake bite victim

Get the patient to the hospital immediately! Time is of the essence! Here is the problem!

Not all hospitals have antivenoms in stock, so it’s best you call the hospital beforehand, because going from hospital to hospital is wasting time that the victim does not have.

Take note of the snake that bit the person.

Its better to describe the snake to the doctor as this will help to determine the kind of snake and the kind of treatment needed.

Don’t suck the wound, cut or burn.

You’re wasting valuable time and causing more harm.

Key lessons of this article – Take home

There are several outdated first aid techniques that are now believed to be unhelpful or even harmful:

  • Do not use a tourniquet.
  • Do not cut into the snake bite, that is,do not make incision on the body site of the bite.
  • Do not use a cold compress on the bite.
  • Do not give the person any medications unless directed by a doctor.
  • Do not raise the area of the bite above the victim’s heart.
  • Do not attempt to suck the venom out by mouth.
  • Do not use a pump suction device. These devices were formerly recommended for pumping out snake venom, but it’s now believed that they are more likely to do more harm than good.
  • Try not to move the part of the body with the bite
  • Go straight to the hospital.


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