Coronavirus: FG shuts down Panda Supermarket in Abuja (Photos)

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) formerly known as Consumer Protection Commission (CPC) have taken proactive action following tip off by well meaning Nigerians that most Chinese supermarkets discriminate against Nigerians, stock fake products, illegally import meat products from China and sell food items with questionable expiry dates.

FCCPC shuts down Panda supermaket
Tunde Irekure, DG if FCCPC inspecting products in the supermarket

Bearing in mind that the dreaded coronavirus was first contracted from a Chinese black market for meat and meat products in Wuhan, the agency had swung into swift action so as to curtail the outbreak of the virus in Nigeria and to protect the people’s health.

The commission shared this on their Twitter handle with elaborate photos . .


“UPDATE: FCCPC inspected Panda Supermarket; Jabi on credible reports that it discriminated and had a concealed area for Asian nationals.

Coronavirus: FG shuts down Panda Supermarket in Abuja
Check their shocking expiry dates

Allegation confirmed, seafood & animals imported illegally from China discovered. Store closed in abundance of caution considering Coronavirus.

Products with expired & irregular shelf life of 70-80 years were also discovered at the Panda Supermarket, Jabi, Abuja yesterday. In the supermarkets we found meat, meat products and other food items with outrageous expiry date of 2037, 2073, 2089 and so on.

Regulatory activities to remove all offensive products from the Supermarket continues.

We shall appreciate your contribution in the fight for consumer right protection. We urge you to feel free to share any information cum experience with us as this will help our work. You may send an DM or email to [email protected] at any development.

Coronavirus: FG shuts down Panda Supermarket in Abuja

Thank you please. We keep surveillance across the country and urge Nigerians to avail us of any information that could help us deliver on this mandate of protecting Nigerians.”

Here is all you need to know about the deadly Wuhan coronavirus.



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