Why you must take PEP after a rape incident – Medical Expert.

Rape is a traumatic experience that affects the victims physically, psychologically, socially and emotionally…..Sincerely, nobody wishes to be a victim of rape but when it happens, there are certain steps you must take to ensure you are not infected with sexually transmitted diseases especially HIV

A Nigerian medical doctor, Dr Tobi sheds more light on the need to get PEP after a rape incident using a personal experience she had with a lady that got infected with HIV as a result of rape…

Read her story….

HIV after Rape: Have you heard of PEP?
By Dr Tobi Oladele Olaniyi ((HIV Care Specialist, Infectious Disease Institute, Ibadan & Team Lead, @Grooming Girls into Exceptional Women Initiative)


“Next patient…” I called.

Then this beautiful 21 year old lady walked into my consulting room. She has just been newly diagnosed of HIV infection.

“Hello, good morning Miss T, I’m Dr Olaniyi, how can I help you?”

Miss T bursted into tears, “Doc I was raped by a friend in my house about a year ago. I went to a nearby chemist the following morning and bought drugs to prevent unwanted Pregnancy. Recently, I started having fever that lasted two months, diarrhea and also noticed some white stuffs on my tongue. A friend told me to go to a hospital where I was tested positive to HIV test”.

Then I asked her if she has ever had blood transfusion, had a needle prick or engage in any unprotected sexual intercourse besides the rape incident?

“Doc!” She exclaimed, “I am SURE that it was the rape that led to this, believe me!”

This and many more cases I see every day at my Clinic.

Dear people, are you aware of Post Exposure Prophylaxis, popularly called PEP?

Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) is a treatment that can be given to prevent HIV infection in persons that have been accidentally exposed and hence have a potential risk of acquiring HIV infection.

The treatment consists of using drugs (Antiretrovirals) for only 28 days. For it to be very effective, it is recommended that this treatment be started as early as possible, within 72 hours of the incidence. For example, if Miss T got raped on Tuesday morning, she must have started the treatment latest by Friday morning, so she wouldn’t get HIV.
Who is eligible for PEP?

✔ Victims of sexual assault, especially when the HIV status of the perpetrator cannot be readily determined.

✔ Victims of bursted condoms especially if the partner is living with HIV or is at risk of HIV infection.

✔ Health workers with needle pricks or injuries with a sharp object already used on a HIV positive patient. Or health workers who have broken skin (cuts, wounds) that gets exposed to the body fluids of an HIV infected person.

Dear readers,
Kindly spread this news! It’s bad enough to be sexually assaulted, it’s terribly unfair to get HIV from it! A rapist has had sex and raped others before without using condoms, so it’s possible he has HIV. And yet, many victims don’t know about PEP.

Are you a victim? Or are you privileged to come across a victim?

Please proceed to a nearby standard government-owned hospital or HIV clinic (often called APIN or PEPFAR centres), and request for Post Exposure Prophylaxis.

PEP after a rape incident
Why you must take PEP after a rape incident

Finally, according to CDC, “PEPmust be started within72 hours aftera possible exposure. … Research has shown thatPEPhas little or no effect in preventing HIV infection if it is startedlaterthan72 hours afterHIV exposure. If you’re prescribedPEP, you’ll need to take it once or twice daily for 28 days”.

Please spread this information. Someone definitely needs it!

Caveat: Identity of the patient was completely hidden as Miss T is not her real name.

Credit: Dr Tobi Oladele Olaniyi


#Dont keep quiet, report all cases of rape and sexual molestation to the Police.


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