Does yoghurt cure vaginal yeast infection or vaginal candidiasis?

A lady named Asher Hasan caused a steer on Twitter when she advised her followers to use yoghurt to treat or relieve symptoms of yeast infection (candidiasis) and vaginal discharge. She practically told them to our the yoghurt inside their “bodies”.

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Vagina discharge and yeast infection acidic and could cause burning of the lining on cotton underwear giving it an orange-ish look. IF you face this challenge, I’d advise you to insert natural yoghurt in your vagina weekly, work on your diet or use Avon vaginal wash. The mentioned items.

Yeast infection and yoghurt
Lady says yoghurt cure vaginal yeast infection

Help in the balancing of the vagina Ph… Use panty liners if you can afford to prevent the burning of your underwear. And put on non cotton fabric undies when going to engage in coitus cause someone will embarrass you here on twitter.

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This twewts have generated a lot of reactions from the Twitter medical community who outrightly called her out for giving wrong and harmful medical advice even when she is not a qualified health care professional.

See their comments below….

Acholonu Chidinma@katie_chi

Vagina is NOT a cloth to be washed or salad to be mixed… Use water, water, WATER, WARM WATER to cleanse your vagina. Use unscented pantyliners to aviod stains on your undies.. UNSCENTED ooo

This insert natural yoghurt is so wrong please, the vagina can change ph at any time in your cycle. If you’re bothered about orangeish pant use panty liner. Vagina wash is also not needed, clean the outer part only,don’t douche.
There’s a reason why it’s naturally acidic, to fight against infections. And if you “balance” the pH as u say, what do u imply? Vagina is self cleansing otherwise there would be piles and piles of blood remains from monthly periods…Until we start reporting the handles of all these people that give unsolicited and wrong advice enmasse, they will not stop. Do they even think about the fact that they are endangering people’s health?
Rose @itsAdeRose
This is not healthy at all. You don’t need anything on the vagina to kill any bacteria. Those bacteria protect the vagina. Just water is okay to wash it, do not use anything to wash just water. Women before us were douching and using vinegar based products in their vaginas. Also they were using carcinogenic baby powder down there. It is a bad practice.
Aproko Doctor™@aproko_doctor
The vagina is acidic because it is home to a bacteria known as lactobacillus, which gives the vagina an acidic pH. It’s good bacteria.
Putting yoghurt into your vagina will not stop the acid, plain yoghurt can contain lactobacilli that can help maintain the vaginal PH (not cure vaginal candidiasis) but not by pouring it “inside”. What happened to just drinking the yoghurt?
From steaming vagina to roasting it, to putting Alum, to one nonsense yon pearls like that, very soon we’ll see pepper, Maggi and salt to marinate Just leave it alone. You don’t know what kind of other bacteria is in the yoghurt that you’re introducing into the vagina.
Pouring Yoghurt into the vag will NOT cure yeast infection, STIs or pelvic inflammatory diseases. Dont try at home.


Asher Hasan

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