Gbolade Ibukun Ejemai, a Nigerian doctor based in Ukraine allegedly stabbed to death by his Ukrainian girlfriend with the help of her father.

A young Nigerian medical doctor has died after being stabbed by a lady from Ukraine with the support of her father.

Gbolade Ibukun Ejemai was stabbed by a lady identified as Victoria Popravko after which her father hit him on the head with a hammer in Ukraine.

According to reports, Gbolade was in a relationship with Victoria,a Mother-of-two. They got into an argument and she went for a weapon.

Narrating how Gbolade was stabbed to death, Dr. Ajayi, a friend of the deceased,said: “Victoria Popravko invited Gbolade Ejemai over to her house on on Friday, August 8, 2019, to talk things over in the morning. “They’ve had some prior discussions which nobody really knew for sure as they were in a relationship.

He went over to hers, it wasn’t his first time visiting her but turned out to be his last. “They got into some arguments and one thing led to another, she stabbed him twice in the abdomen, puncturing a couple of organs and landing him in coma.

He lost about 40% of his blood volume and that led him to a very critical condition. “He was taken in for the first surgery on the same day and we waited almost 24 hours for him to get conscious.

On Sunday, he opened his eyes and was able to recognize people. “Then he told his side of the story about how Victoria’s father realized that he wasn’t dead after the stab wound and went ahead to hit him with a hammer on his head.

“We didn’t know about the hammer and its impact until Gbolade himself woke up and spoke up. We were hoping for a miracle and praying he got better until Monday when he developed a complication and had to be operated on the second time. “He was taken in for the second surgery and it went well. He didn’t come conscious though. By Tuesday afternoon, he gave up the ghost.”

Gbolade Ejemai
Picture of Gbolade Ejemai dead on the hospital bed and his alleged Ukrainian girlfriend that stabbed him to death.

Victoria was arrested at the scene of the incident but has now been released on bail less than 24 hours later because “she had two kids to cater for” and they couldn’t keep her until the investigation was done and over with.

Lamenting the injustice, Dr Ajayi said: “This is unfair judgement because she was caught at a murder scene. It is a serious case and we need to put our voices together to avenge our brother’s death.

We will not be silenced! We will not be cheated! Gbolade deserves justice and we can make it happen.

Dr Ajayi first shared this sad story on his Facebook page.

Outcries on Twitter by other persons who knew Gboladu personally…

Dr. Tee @teenashka
Gbolade Ejemai is the elder brother of my friend, Titi. This is the worst news I’ve heard this year. She has lost her dad, younger brother and now Gbolade. Gbolade was stabbed by a Ukrainian woman. We need justice for this #JusticeForGbolade

Nigerians in Diaspora Commission@nidcom_gov Reacts

UPDATE ON GBOLADE: We have been in touch with the mission in Ukraine since yesterday. This matter will be taken up with the Police on Monday 9th of August 2019 and Nigeria will demand thorough investigation and justice. Our condolence to the family of Ejemai. #JusticeForGbolade


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