A pregnant 10 year old girl gives birth in Benue

Girl was raped at the IDP camp and rapist on run

3 days after the viral news broke out, the Benue State Police Command confirms the arrest of the alleged rapist who happens to be an 18 year old man called Terna Taga.

A social media user @CollinsUma has called on Nigerians to come to the aid of a 10 year old pregnant child who was raped and impregnated by an unknown person and dumped in a general hospital in Benue for delivery.

Read his tweets….

Yesterday a heavily pregnant 10 year old child in labour was dumped at a General Hospital in Makurdi. She’d been raped. No one knows who her rapist is @Dr_Ukan moved her to a private hospital. This morning she delivered through CS. She needs our help. Baby food, clothes etc.

A pregnant 10 year old girl gives birth in Benue
A pregnant 10 year old girl gives birth in Benue

She was delivered of a baby girl weighing 2.5kg at birth. I can send you a contact in Makurdi that will receive anything you wish to send. Thanks.

I’ve received N45,000 for this girl and her baby. Soon I’ll drop contacts for collection of materials in Lagos and Abuja. Thank you to everyone for your responses!
She was raped and the rape was not reported to the authorities. She took in and was later dumped in a hospital when in labour
Mother and baby
St. Paul @pau_LARGE
Replying to@CollinsUma
Sorry can you check that you tweeted correctly, you said “heavily pregnant TEN YEARS OLD CHILD”….I’m sure that was a mistake???
Olasumbo Apanpa@ApanpaOlasumbo
This is terrible, 10 years old! But she at least will know who raped her now, so not true that “nobody knows her rapist”! But doesn’t she have any family, plus she looks older than 10 years old to me?
If jazz is real, this is the kind of case we really need it for. Discover who the rapist is his and have him suffer painfully before he is killed by his penis cut off and he bleeds to death.
Smily E. Alechenu@emmysmily
Beyond money, she needs much more:
– family support
– emotional/psychological support
– psycho-social support
– she needs to go to/continue schooling
– mentorship
just natural@justverynatural
Replying to@Dr_Ukan
10 years? 10 years can get pregnant?
Bashariya Darma@ArewaGimbiyan

Replying to@CollinsUma

Quite unfortunate! Any idea who dumped her? Were you able to reach out to her parents? God bless and protect mother and child.
Ramatu Ada Ochekliye@remimah

Replying to@CollinsUma

Again, and it is disappointing that we have to keep repeating this, this girl is a minor; a child. Her image should not be splattered across the internet, no matter your best wishes. Her face should have been blurred. You are not helping her. Take her pictures down.
Creo OJ@olaowoyomi
Replying to @CollinsUma
What has become of us in this country, which mad animal did this to a child? Those people who raped that child will NEVER know peace, no matter how long they live. Please send details of how to help.
I don’t know if am the only one thinking this way, but I think after the rape parent should have given her pills that would have prevented this pregnancy and other STD.. Or she doesn’t have parent as well and wasn’t living with anybody??
………………..More details emerge..…………….
More details emerge from an eye witness reporter on Facebook called Abdullah Odumburu Peter who gave a clearer picture of the unfortunate event.
A ten year old girl, Masenengen who was impregnated by a yet to be identified rapist in Benue State has given birth to a bouncing baby girl.
Masenengen an orphan, it was learnt, got impregnated by the pedophile after she was displaced by the farmers-herders crisis which rocked her village in Guma Local Government Area of Benue state last year.
She then relocated along with her uncle to somewhere in the North Bank area of Makurdi where the perpetrator allegedly raped her and put her in the family way.
Masenengen was in labor for three days before her uncle later took her to the General Hospital, North Bank, Makurdi where a Good Samaritan took her picture and posted her story on the social media on Sunday night.
Her story immediately caught the attention of Ukan Kurugh, a humanitarian activist who alongside other activists rushed to the hospital and transferred her to the Foundation hospital in Makurdi where she was delivered of her baby weighing 2.5kg through C-Section at about 3am on Monday morning.
At the time of filing this report, the Foundation Hospital delivered has become a Jerusalem of sort as people from all walks of life have continued to throng the medical facility to have a glimpse of the young girl and her baby.
It was also gathered that several other individuals both from within and outside the country have also continued to call in to make one donation or the other towards assisting the little girl and her baby.
However, National Coordinator of Jireh Doo Foundation, Ms. Josephine Habba who was at the hospital said the victim has named the perpetrator adding that she would not relent until the rapists is apprehended and made to face the wrath of the law.
Masenengen, medical staff and some Samaritans

Updated 7th of August, 2019 (Wednesday)

Rapist who has been on the run finally arrested 3 days after the viral news broke out

The police in Benue on Wednesday confirmed the arrest of an 18-year-old man, Terna Taga, who allegedly defiled and impregnated a 10-year-old girl. Taga was alleged to have raped the minor who at an internally displaced persons camp in Benue.

DSP Catherine Anene, Benue Police Public Relations Office (PPRO), told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Makurdi on Wednesday that Taga was arrested in North Bank on Tuesday evening. She said the suspect is in custody for further investigations.

”The command will decide on the next line of action after full interrogation and investigation into the case,” Anene told NAN.

The news of the minor’s pregnancy broke on August 4 when she was dumped in a General Hospital, Makurdi by an unknown person.

Terna Taga
Terna Taga, the alleged rapist of the 10 year old girl (Masenengen)

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