What is hymenoplasty?

Do you know doctors can medically repair/replace your hymen?

It’s called “hymenoplasty”.

For people who have been sexually assaulted, raped or anyone who just wants another hymen, medically it can be done.

It’s a little plastic surgery

New hymen. Like nothing happened

The aim for the women who are interested in it is to not have to explain themselves to someone they marry on what happened to their hymen…

Especially if it’s a culture where virginity and intact hymen is rated highly and regarded as proof of chastity and good character.

There’s different types of the surgery. There’s simple stitching of a tear in the hymen usually immediately after sexual assault or unplanned first sex- to help with healing and recovery from the bad event.

Some women feel having the hymen stitched back is therapeutic for them.

Then there’s the type that’s purely cosmetic where an artificial hymen is placed in the vagina with an artificial bloodlike gelatine substance.

This is done few days before a marriage.

It gives the impression of an intact hymen and bleeding (of fake blood) during honeymoon sex.

And finally there’s the type where a tissue flap from the vagina (with its own blood supply) is taken and used to reconstruct a new hymen.

That will also given the feeling of a new hymen and most likely bleed during sex.

Women are told to wait 3 months if they choose this option.

The procedure is done in the USA, France, South Korea, and it is common in the Middle East countries especially Iran where hymen-virginity remain a big deal.

Hymenoplasty or hymenorrhaphy helps to keep virginity (revirgination)

In France, the govt can pay part of the surgery costs even- if it is after a trauma.

The procedure takes about an hour. And once procedure has been completed, It takes around 4 to 6 weeks for complete healing.

During the period of recovery, abstain from sex, avoid tampons, and tight underwears such as thongs.

The common complications of hymenoplasty are pain, bleeding, vaginal scarring, infection, vaginal hematoma and deep venous thrombosis .

But let me state in clear terms that this is NOT considered a medically necessary or life saving procedure. It’s completely cosmetic.

Like having bigger breasts or ass.

NO doctor recommends it.

And those who do only do it for the money they make (thousands of euro charged).

Revirgination surgery Credit: Elitedaily

Hymenoplasty cost around $2,700 without general anaesthesia and an increased by around $800 to $1,000 with general anesthesia.

But we must remember that some of these women have been victims of rape and sexual assault, some of them are from countries (mostly Muslim countries) where if a woman is not a virgin by marriage night- she may be killed (“honour killing”).

So this is quite a serious issue.

However I think doctors just need to educate people more- rather than play along and collect their money.

Almost 50% of women won’t bleed at first sex.

Hymen repair surgeries don’t have 100% guarantee.

And the whole furore around the hymen is just really actually unnecessary.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Olufunmilayo


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