Feminine wash is the new craze in town.

Ladies use the feminine wash products for their vaginas in order to make it clean, make it look pretty, tighten it and remove odor.

However, a medical doctor, based in the UK, Dr Olufunmilayo called for ladies to stop this unwholesome practice citing that the vagina cleans itself and does not need cleaning.

He further reveals how ladies are using feminine wash products to ruin their reproductive life or child bearing ability.

Dr. Olufunmilayo have warned ladies to stop inserting objects into their private part in the name of vaginal hygiene.

Please enjoy reading……..

“Sit on hot water”

“Put alum inside”

“Pour dettol inside”

“Wash inside with soap”

“Spice with okra to be slippery”

Your vagina is not the back of pot.

You don’t need to pour vim and wash with metal sponge.

These things can ruin your vagina/tubes and make you never have a child.

You people don’t listen.

Many doctors have said it that the vagina is a very delicate channel.

It is custom made to clean itself and wash itself- WITHOUT ANY HELP from you.

Apart from simply having your bath.

You ruin the vagina with many overzealous nonsense ideas you follow.

I would say it again:

Do NOT pour/insert anything into the vagina apart from a clean penis or clean tampon.


No soap.

No water.

No dettol.

No fruits.

No balls.

Nothing at all.

This is how you give yourself repeated infections that can render you infertile.

The vagina discharge is the vagina’s way of cleaning itself out on a regular basis (without any help from you).

A whole lot of “feminine wash” products are ruining your vagina with chemicals that destabilise the vagina ecosystem and causes you undue infection and irritation.

But you want to “feel among”.

So that it can be said that you also use the so-and-so popular product.

Please be careful.

Especially if you are very sensitive and you have never been pregnant- and you wish to one day have children.

Don’t ruin your fertility with silly products.

Again, for people with hearing and vision problems, I would repeat what I said: It is NOT YOUR JOB to wash inside the vagina, or make it clean.

The vagina cleans itself by itself. It is NOT YOUR JOB.

Use clean tampons.

Have safe sex.

Have your bath twice a day.

That’s your job.

There are lots of bacteria inside the vagina, and they’re there for a reason- It is to protect it.

Professor Ronnie Lamont of The UK Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists once said: “The vagina contains more bacteria than anywhere else in the body after the bowel”.

They are generally called “normal commensals” in medical terms- but let’s just simplify it and call it “the good bacteria” because they are there to ensure the vagina remains clean and healthy.

Now the good bacteria inside the vagina have many functions. Some of which are:

1. They provide “numerical dominance” if there was to be a possible invasion of bad bacteria into the vagina– so with sheer numbers, they outnumber other potential harmful bacteria that might enter the vagina and cause an infection.

They do that and do it effectively.

2. They work to maintain the vagina’s pH balance (how acidic the vagina is) to ensure it is always at the right level.

3. Good bacteria produces something called bacteriocins (which are natural antibiotics) that effectively reduce/kill bad bacteria if they ever enter the vagina.

What you do when you start inserting/pouring all sorts of nonsense inside your vagina is that you disrupt normal vagina environment, you kill off this good bacteria and then open up your vagina to bad bacteria.

This bad bacteria then cause itchiness, discomfort and infection.

Does it make some sense now?

This is why all those “vagina detoxifying pearls” are absolute nonsense that you should never put your money on.

The vagina cleans itself.

By itself.

Without needing any help whatsoever from you or from anyone else.

I hope you understand why now.

Many women keep having repeated infections due to a continuous obsession to wash inside their vagina or put/pour all sorts of things inside.

This has caused many to have things like bacterial vaginosis or thrush, (with symptoms like itching, irritation and abnormal discharge).

As for hot water- First thing to note, NO medical professional will ever recommend a woman to sit on “hot” water

Sitting on hot water can give you burns on your vagina, disrupt the vagina environment, give you injuries that can get infected and result into all sorts of problems.

However for SOME women who just had a baby, and probably had their vagina cut to allow the baby pass through, some medical professionals MAY advise a regime of sitting on WARM water for a PERIOD of time.

Feminine wash
Vaginal hygiene: Ladies are using feminine wash to ruin their vaginas
Credit: Hip and Healthy

Read those words carefully.

Everything said, I have picked deliberately.

Note: the advice to sit on warm water is NOT for every woman.

It is NOT for every woman also who just had a baby.

It is ONLY for those who their doctors recommend it for, because it can help quicken their healing and recovery.

I hope that’s simple enough.

Do you grasp it now?

This is why you are only harming yourself if you did not just have a child or have a doctor recommend that you should use warm water and you are using it.

Besides, why are you using hot water?

You are not goat meat.

Your vagina is not onugbu. There’s no need for the hot water.

Washing of Vagina with Alum to make it tight doesn’t work too

Please Stop it.

I rest my case.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Olufunmilayo


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