How do you relieve breast pain before period? What are the home remedies for breast soreness and tenderness during ovulation and before menstrual flow?

Ladies I understand your pain. I understand the sore breast or breast tenderness you feel just before your menstrual flow. It is this breast tenderness, soreness, swelling or heaviness that reminds you about your ovulation and that your monthly flow is about to start. It could be very distressing especially if accompanied by menstrual cramps. Sometimes your your breasts are so heavy that it causes you back pain. You may even feel uncomfortable lying down.

Breast pain associated with period is known as cyclical mastalgia. Breast mastalgia with menstrual cramps can be a reason for absenteeism from work or social events.

Enough said. I don’t want to bother you with the causes and the intrigues associated with this condition. I want to shed light on how you can relieve the unbearable breast pain below.

Home remedies for breast tenderness

Have a warm bath

Warm compress will help

Apply ice/cold compress

Don’t allow your breasts dangle. It worsens the pain.

Pack them in a fitted bra both day and night to provide good breast support

Exercise. Do yoga, biking or walking. Running or jogging may worsen your pains.

Sleep on your side and not face down

Do zumba dance. It helps.

Desist from touching them unnecessarily.

Eat low fat diet.

Reduce or avoid caffeine intake.

Avoid salt 1 to 2 weeks before your period start. This will reduce water retention.

No chocolate during this period.

No alcohol

Over-the-counter drugs like diclofenac, paracetamol, naproxen, aspirin, Devin and ibuprofen helps to reduce the pains.

Oral contraceptives pills helps reduce breast pain before period but I don’t recommend it for young ladies.

Eat plenty of vegetables and other high fibre foods.

Vitamin E and vitamin B6 has been proven to help to soothe symptoms.

Foods like, corn, olive, canola and safflower oils, peanuts, spinach, hazelnuts, carrots, oat bran, bananas, brown rice, and avocados are rich in Vitamin E and B6. Eat them plenty.

Have a good bed rest.

Taking a “water pill” (a diuretic). Only with a doctor’s prescription.

Primrose oil is very helpful. It contains prostaglandin and helps to reduce breast inflammation, soreness and pain before, during and after your flow.

Dandelion root has also been noted to be a help with breast pain—it’s a natural diuretic and contains potassium to assist in ridding extra bodily fluid.

Relieve breast pain before period
How do you relieve breast pain before period?
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