Once again, how much is dialysis in Nigeria?

I don’t know about the cost of dialysis in other centres but I know all the cost implications of dialysis in the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH). This I knew during my internship in the renal unit of the hospital.

First on your arrival at the accident and emergency unit of the hospital, you will be reviewed by the nephrologist on call to determine if you really require hemodialysis. The doctor will clinically evaluate you and perform a kidney function test also called the electrolyte, urea and creatinine.This test cost about #4,000 naira. Elevated values of potassium, creatinine, and urea plus clinical features of urea is a primary indication for dialysis. Once it has been established that you need urgent dialysis, you will be further tested or screened for hepatitis B and C, and HIV. Other investigations done are your packed cell volume, complete blood count, random blood sugar and sometimes a chest X-ray.

How much is dialysis in Nigeria
A woman undergoing dialysis

Now, you are good to go for the dialysis. As it is you first time in the hospital, you will be required to pay about #36,000 naira for the hemodialysis. This is exclusive of the above tests you will pay for.

Subsequently, for your next visit, you can come directly to the renal or dialysis unit for dialysis. This time you willl have to pay #23,000 Naira for the procedure. Medically, patients with chronic renal failure are required to come for hemodialysis 3 times a week. This means in a week, you will spend a total of #69,000 Naira for dialysis. Prior investigations will not be carried out as you are now a known patient of the unit but your Packed Cell Volume will be checked in order to know your blood volume.

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Sometimes, your packed cell volume may be low and you will need a blood transfusion before or during the dialysis. Also, patients who are positive for either hepatitis B or C are referred to Irrua Teaching Hospital as they have dialysis machines for those with hepatitis B or C. This comes at an extra cost.

Dialysis is very expensive. It is N36,000 per session in the University College Hospital (UCH). We need to enlighten people more on the dangers of excessive consumption of all these herbal drinks. Abuse of pain relievers also contribute to the increase risk of kidney failure.

I hope this answers you questions.

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