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Are you a pregnant Nigerian? Confused about what to eat during pregnancy? Please read this article written by Dr Bob Collins …

“Can I eat snails in pregnancy?❓”

“What kind of foods will help my baby develop well in the womb❓

“Is it true that Bournvita will make the baby in my womb to be too big❓”

Do you know that Healthy eating for children starts right from conception.❓

Read Patiently as I will share my little experience and knowledge on “Nutrition in pregnancy”

I remember the days I worked in Imo state(Mbano Hospital ?), on locum.

I saw practices then that were interesting, healthy, unhealthy and some even led to death.
In one of those communities where they practised “salt eating”.


In the second month of pregnancy, the pregnant woman was made to leave her husband and live with her parents or grandparents who with their hands every morning will add salt to a cup of water which the pregnant woman will drink before eating anything.

It was said that salt will make delivery easy by softening “everywhere “.

During my stay in the Hospital , we saw Cases of pre-eclampsia, eclampsia , (hypertension in pregnancy)

It took lots of interventions, and enlightenment from midwives there to reduce the unhealthy practise.

The health of your baby begins (even) before pregnancy. This is because healthy eating does the magic?

Even before conception , it is advised that a lady begins folic acid intake of 400mcg everyday. Folic acid is most beneficial in the first 28 days of conception, but most women don’t realise they are pregnant by then.

Folic acid reduces incidence of neural tube defects( birth defects of the brain, spine, or spinal cord) which occurs in the first month of pregnancy before a woman even knows she’s pregnant.

Eating right in pregnancy is a foundation to birthing a healthy baby.

Pregnancy has its own challenges, a woman may begin to crave for non nutritional food substances, the urge is usually strong for some women while in others it could be passive.

I had this preggy? friend who loved chewing “chewing stick” like it was food, soon I discovered she use to swallow it after chewing ????

Sometimes this disorders could be due to a nutritional deficiency or pregnancy hormones but it’s wise to report to your medical team in the hospital.

During pregnancy the body requires approximately 300′ extra calories to maintain healthy pregnancy.

Eating healthy is right because in pregnancy you are eating for two’ or more persons.

The placenta ensures that the baby/babies get enough supply of nutrients which is from you.
I remember visiting a pregnant patient and what she said cracked me up big time! ?

She said her baby doesn’t have full hair because of the “routine drugs” she was given in the hospital. She said the whole drug was settling on her baby’s skull???

You need the protein, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, vitamin A etc. Protein is for cell growth. Protein could be gotten from beans, fish, poultry.

Over times especially during my days of clinical exposure in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital?,Nnewi, I heard from a midwife that preggies are supposed to stay off beans until delivery.❌

No! This is false!

Beans is not just protein, it has magnesium, folic acid, iron, potassium and essential fatty oil.

Beans helps in relieving constipation in pregnancy.

Birthing a big baby is often due to:



Hereditary (a history of big babies in the family)

In pregnancy a balance is important, so that mother and child don’t lack anything.

Carbohydrates helps in energy production. It is available in rice, cereals, bread.

Calcium is for strong bones and teeth, and aids in nerve functions. It is available in milk, yoghurt, sardines, bones.

?Iron is for red blood cell production. It’s available in Beans, cashew, spinach.

?Vitamin A is for good eye sight, and growing bones. It’s available in carrot, dark leafy vegetables.

?Vitamin C is for iron absorption, wound healing, healthy gums and teeth. Available in , tomatoes, citrus fruits.

?Vitamin D for healthy bones and teeth. Helps in absorption of calcium. Available in cereals

?Folic acid


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