How to make baby gain weight fast…meal plan to help your baby become fat fast.

After reading a post from a busy Mum on how she manages kids food timetable to make them fat, I am persuaded to drop some helpful tips.

How to make baby gain weight fast
How to make baby gain weight fast.
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As a Dietitian, I will advice parents to utilize the simpler diet planning tool that is home friendly when planning their kids timetable.

What are these home friendly diet planning tools for weight gain for babies?

We call it classifying foods into groups because when you say balanced, it confuses a lot of people. And WHO and other Dietitians network have discovered that a meal (the finished food eg beans and plantain as it’s dished on a plate) maybe balanced (that is it contains all the 6 old classes of food; carbs, protein, fat, minerals, water,vegetables and fruits), but still inadequate.


You may choose to cook rice with chicken+tomato+g/oil+orange as a lunch.For you it’s balanced because all the 6 classes are included. This does not mean it’ll fight malnutrition. In fact there’s only a 50% it’ll.

I’ll explain in the next series.So what is the right and simplest way Naa?

Using the 5 food groups it’s self explanatory and easier method to preventing malnutrition and promoting weight gain…

They include:

Legumes and nuts

Milk, yoghurt and milk products

Cereals and grains and its products

Meat,fish and it’s products

Fruits, vegetables and tubers

I didn’t list them in their order though but it’s easier to comprehend.

Ask any question you may want to understand better.

This new food groups were chosen and named adequate diet instead of the usual balanced diet because when the five groups are incorporated, every nutritional need is covered.

1. Rice (grain) is a good source of calcium, sulphur containing amino acids that beans and other protein food don’t have, as well as glucose and fructose (all are called sugars or carbohydrates in lay mans way). Eating well garnished rice can make your baby gain weight fast.

2. Beans or akidi, groundnuts, almond nuts, soya beans, fio fio, ugba aka ukpaka (legume) contains oils as well as complex sugars and cellulose called fibres( that control the amount of sugars absorbs s well as prevent certain cancers and bowel problems) unlike some grains and cereals. Even some of our vegetables fall in this category. Story for another day.

3. Milk, yoghurt, soya milk, cakes and other chocolates that are made with added milk will furnish a uniques type of protein that is found in them e.g casein, and other prebiotics that fights infections and cancer. Milk is one of the numerous foods that can make your baby become fat faster and quicker.

I’ll continue in the next series but let me know what you think.

Is it easier than the balanced diet plan?
Yours in diet!

Menuba Esther Amaka


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