Radiography internship in Nigeria + Radiography interns salary..

Radiography like all other profession in the health sector takes years to study and gain enough expertise to practice safely and efficiently.

This is especially important for Radiographers who would be dealing with Ionizing radiation which in high amounts of exposure can lead to fatal side effects such as cancer and leukaemia.

Therefore, internships are a a good opportunity for fresh and inexperienced Radiography graduates to gain clinical expertise and hands-on for one year while earning salaries.

It is a common practice as this is where most Radiographers may gain more technical skills such as the operation of special imaging equipment under the supervision of experienced Radiographers and Radiologists which make them more employable in the future.

Radiography interns are under supervision of the head radiographer and the consulting Radiologist of the scan laboratory.

After their first degree, Nigerian radiographers are expected to go for a one year internship programme. Of course, this internship programme, just like that of housemanship for doctors, is paid for.


Radiography interns observe back office procedures with assistants or supervisors watching closely what they do with patients, they perform several types of dental radiographs performed on patients.

They also learn and carry out the procedures in the dark rooms where films are developed for procedures like x-rays.

They assist at the front desk by pulling records, attending to patients initially and making confirmation calls to patients.

Radiography interns learn and carry out proper office procedure regarding surgical suite hygienic procedures.

Interns will learn and make reports on tests carried out to be submitted to and evaluated by the supervisor or Consultant radiologist.

The average salary of Radiography interns in University Teaching Hospitals, Private scan laboratories, and even Federal hospitals is about 80,000 naira to 100,000 naira per month depending on the employer, institution and location.

Radiography internship in Nigeria + Radiography interns salary
A radiography intern

Internship is also a great opportunity to earn valuable work experience, pretty decent pay and if you do well and put in effort, you will be rewarded handsomely.

It also gives you more referees to add to your Curriculum Vitae (CV) which increases your chances of getting employed among a vast number of candidates.

You also learn strong organizational and communication skills in working with diverse patients.

In Nigeria today surprisingly, there are a lot of Job offers for Radiography Interns by Medical institutions with good pay due to the scarcity of qualified professionals.

They are also looking to raise professional and qualified Radiographers.

There is also a high chance of you getting employed after the duration of your Internship.

Radiography internship in Nigeria is quite rigorous but lucrative.

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