What does it mean when you feel like someone is holding you down in your sleep?

Trying to wake up but can’t open eyes?



Sleep Paralysis

This is one of the most scary expericence of my life. It began after I finished secondary school, awaiting admission, nothing to do, always home all day.

The very first night I had this experience, I was restless, I was awake, fully aware of my environment but couldn’t make any move, every of my efforts seems to not be working, I tried to scream I couldn’t open my mouth, I couldn’t open my eyes, I couldn’t lift a finger and I was breathing so hard, it felt like a heavy building was placed on my body, after struggling with it for a while it left and I stood up with so much fear in my heart.

I immediately began to pray to God to please preserve my life and shield me from all enemies, this thing became my daily experience, sometime I’ll have this experience like 3 times before day break and I became afraid of sleep, when it’s time to sleep I’ll sit with series because in my head demons work in the night and there is no way you can convince me that it wasn’t spiritual.

What does it mean when you feel like someone is holding you down in your sleep?
There is nothing demonic about sleep paralysis

I began to sleep during the day while I watch movies at night, if I manage to doze off during the movie my subconscious mind would quickly wake me up because I don’t ever want to experience that thing again, it worked for a while and the sleep paralysis began to hunt me in the afternoon.

Once my mum is out and I’m done with my morning shores, I’ll return to bed to catch some sleep then this thing will just appear again, it’s now a case if I’m not safe in the night and either in the afternoon, it began when I was 16 and lasted till I clocked 21, when I clocked 21 I actually prayed to God that I don’t ever want to experience it again because it was a big concern to me then.

Earlier today I expericence this all over again, immediately I noticed I couldn’t move any part of my body, I maintained calmness, not trying to do anything such as open my eyes, move my body, talk or shout, I maintained the calmness and was meditating in my mind and the next minute it was gone, I stood up, took a deep breath drank some water and went back to my bed, the same thing repeat itself again and I reacted to it the way I did to the first and withing few secs I was free again.

I know many people are in this situation and many even bind and cast, many even try to call Jesus and do all sorts of things because to them that’s a demon oppressing them, relax bro and sis, it’s not a spiritual problem neither are you being oppressed by any demon, this is purely a medical case.

There are facts about sleep paralysis that you should know and they are all scientifically proven 👇👇👇👇

– It happens mostly to adults and often begins in the teen years.

– sleep paralysis happens when the brains awakens before the muscles

-it can occur when you have sleep disorder

– it can last for several minutes or few seconds if you are relaxed

– sleep paralysis is a fearful experience, it can be devastating

– hallucination is possible during this time

– it is genetic

-it can be prevented

What the causes are
– sleep deprivation or lack of sleep
– a change in your sleep schedule
– anxiety or stress
– mental health problem such as depression or bipolar disorder
– substance abuse
– some certain medications

How to help yourself with this because it is self diagnosed.

– get enough sleep, make sure you get 8 hours sleep in a day

– if you sleep on your back try new sleeping position

– try to get rid of stress

– when you expericence it do not try to fight it, fighting it makes it last longer than it should

– don’t try to speak or shout Jesus or open your eyes, maintain calmness and meditate.

– if it becomes a thing of worry please see your doctor.

Omotade Mack

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  1. well,majority of this experience re spiritually.crafty use it to oppress and manipulate some peoples destiny in the spiritual world.note;anybody that is sleeping is partially dead,because you don’t know what is happening in the physical world unless u re awake.sleeping paralysis doesn’t press the body but the spirit that carries the body.the body itself doesn’t know where or how it lies until the spirit wakes the body.sleeping paralysis is a fight against spirit and spirit not spirit and body.if its just normal,it would have come when you re awake not when you re sleeping. my opinion

  2. In my opinion, sleep paralysis is hundred percent spiritual. There is nothing like it can be diagnosed or runs in genes.hmmmm. it’s a spiritual manipulation of a sleeping individual. Have u asked urself why it always happens when someone is sleeping. It would hv been happening when somebody is awake. To me is spiritual die.

  3. Comment:this sleeping paralysis is more spiritual than physical ooo, someone should not struggle,should not call Jesus,what if the person passes there and just die.

  4. I’m sorry to say the person that wrote this ,is actually a demonic agent . Why would you say one should remain calm , that’s 💯 percent spiritual

  5. He says he cannot move his body, when he is awake. He says the brain is active and not the body. It may be a medical case.


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