The functions and side effect of Hunteria umbellata…what is the health benefit of hunteria umbellata?

Hunteria umbellata is the botanical name of the osu fruit, from the Apocynaceae family. The osu fruit is from a small tree native to West Africa, also grown in Nigeria. Yellow in colour, with seeds enclosed in pulp. The bark, root, seeds and leaves of this fruit or plant are medicinal, and can be used to treat variety of diseases.

The functions and side effect of Hunteria umbellata
The functions and side effect of Hunteria umbellata

Locally referred to as abere or erin in Yoruba language, nkpokiri in Igbo language, and osu in Edo language. This fruit has a similar appearance to that of an avocado pear and is bitter in taste. Hunteria umbellata can also be combined with other herbs to boost its effectiveness.

Nutritional value of Hunteria umbellata

Hunteria umbellata or osu fruit contains the following compounds: phytochemicals, simple sugars, tannins, saponins, phenols, flavonoids, alkaloids, volatile acid and steroids. Furthermore, abere is a good source of magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, sodium, and manganese.

Properties of Hunteria umbellata

The abere seed or plant is highly effective in curing variety of ailments. This is because of the following properties: Antibacterial, Antioxidants, Antimicrobial, Anti-inflammatory, Antihypertensive, Antimalarial, Antidiabetic, Analgesic, Anthelmintic, Hypocholesterolemic, Hypoglycemic, Antiarthritic and also an Aphrodisiac.

What are the functions of Hunteria umbellata?

Hunteria umbellata or osu fruit is used for different purposes. Below are functions of Hunteria umbellata.

The osu fruit can be used to:

Treat malaria:

Hunteria umbellata can be used to treat malaria, due to its antimalarial properties. It can also be used to treat malaria-related symptoms like fever. It is believed to contain antipyretic properties that makes it effective for treating fever.

Improve sexual health:

Abere can be useful in the management of sexual dysfunctions in men. The extract from this fruit can help improve nitric oxide levels, and enhance fertility. Furthermore, it can help boost sexual health, and treat erectile dysfunctions in men. As known to possess aphrodisiac properties, hunteria umbellata can also help increase sex drive and libido.

Maintain cholesterol level:

Abere seed or osu fruit can help control cholesterol levels in the body. Consumption helps improve serum levels and increase good cholesterol levels (high-density lipoprotein- HDL). Generally, this plant improves heart health.

Eliminate parasitic worms:

Hunteria umbellata or abere is believed to be effective in eliminating intestinal and parasitic worms. It contains anthelmintic properties that can help prevent helminthic diseases such as ascaris and amoebiasis.

Relieve pain:

Hunteria umbellata can also help with pain management. This is due to the analgesic properties found in this plant. Since it also contains antiarthritic properties, it can be used to alleviate arthritis.

Lose weight:How to use Hunteria umbellata for weight loss

Hunteria umbellata helps with weight loss. It is a good remedy for obesity. It is effective at burning down accumulated fat, belly fat and excessive weight. This is due to the presence of antioxidants in the fruit. Eat the seeds for weight loss

Promote liver health:

The abere seeds can help protect the liver. This amazing fruit contains antioxidants that ensure proper functioning of the liver. Also, the nkpokiri plant has hepatoprotective properties, even on carbon tetrachloride induced liver damage.

Controls blood pressure:

The osu fruit contains magnesium and potassium that helps with blood pressure regulation. It also has antihypertensive effects for people with high blood pressure.

Relieve menorrhea symptoms:

For women with heavy menstrual periods (menorrhagia) or infrequent/light menstrual periods (oligomenorrhea). Hunteria umbellata or abere can help cure that. It can help normalize your menstrual flow.

Treat diabetes: How to use Hunteria umbellata for diabetes

Hunteria umbellata has proven to be an effective remedy for diabetes. The osu fruit is believed to contain anti-diabetic properties that can help reduce the effect of diabetes in diabetic patients. As well as lower and maintain blood sugar levels. Eat the seeds of hunteria umbellata morning and evening or even take the tea for your sugar control.

Other functions of the osu or abere fruit include:

👉Treatment of stomach aches and peptic ulcers.
👉Treatment of piles or haemorrhoids.
👉Treatment of infections.

What are the side effects of Hunteria umbellata?

As of now, there isnt any recorded side effects of Hunteria umbellata. Hunteria umbellata have been shown to have a relatively low oral toxicity profile. That is, consumption of the osu fruit isn’t dangerous or toxic to eat or drink. However, consumption should be with great caution- limit use and consume moderately.

Lastly, it is important you consult your physician or doctor before using the fruit, plant or seeds as a form of treatment.

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