Does avocado seed clean the womb?

There are many claims out there that avocado seed helps to clean the womb and flush out old or stale menstrual blood from the the womb….so, you see a number of women, grind avocado seed into power and take it as tea for womb cleanse.

But how true is this?

Well, there is no scientific proof that avocado seed cleanse the womb or uterus as widely claimed. The womb is a self cleansing organ . It cleanse itself during menstruation and even when you are not menstruating (physiological daily vagina discharges)…. your womb does not need help at detoxing or cleansing…allow the body do its natural work… don’t try to help it. All you need to help your body achieve it’s natural role is to eat well and sleep well.

Does avocado seed clean the womb?
Does avocado seed clean the womb? No…but it has health benefits that boost fertility.

Avocado seeds are however, useful or beneficial to boosting fertility…

Avocado seeds are an excellent source of nutrients that can help boost fertility in both men and women.

Avocado Benefits for Uterus in Females
Vitamin E Provides Nourishment
Balance Estrogen Levels
Support Healthy Pregnancy
Improve Blood Flow
Prevent Reproductive Disorders

Avocado seeds have other benefits not listed here….

Are you trying to conceive, why not see a gynaecologist?

This article will be updated from time to time as new research emerges …

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