Bara health benefits – What is Egusi Bara used for?


Scientific Name: Citrullus Colocynthis (BARA in yoruba)

Bara is a very powerful herb popularly taken among the Yoruba people in Nigeria. Bara is very popular among ladies who use it to treat infections and even for steaming.

Bara can be soaked or boiled. If boiled, it reduces its potency and makes it less effective. When soaked, it is more effective in this state. You know your system and the threshold of what it can take. This should help you in deciding either to soak or to boil.

Bara health benefits – What is Egusi Bara used for?

📌 Its treats all forms of sexually transmittedTDS especially those stubborn once like chlamydia, staphylococcus, gonorrhea etc.
📌 Unblock Fallopian tubes
📌 Treat Ovarian cyst
📌 Treat Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
📌 For weight loss and flat tummy
📌 For vagina infection/Toilet infection
📌 For irregular and ceased menstruation
📌 All pregnancy complications in women
📌 Good for detoxification
👉for steaming

In short it is nature’s gift to mankind. Ask Yoruba people, they will tell you it works effectively leaving no trace of infection in your system.

Bara health benefits -  What is Egusi Bara used for?
Bara health benefits


1.) Bitter melon and fermented corn water (omidun or pap water)


▶️ Get bitter melon.
▶️ Wash it clean.
▶️ You can either peal or you cut like that.
▶️ Cut into smaller pieces and boil with fermented corn water for 15minutes.
▶️ Leave for 24hrs before use, add little potash in case of stubborn infection.

2) Bara and 7UP drink


▶️ Get bitter melon (Bara).
▶️ Peel or cut with the back into smaller pieces.
▶️ Soak in 7up for 24hours before use

3) Bara and palm wine


▶️ Get bitter melon
▶️ Cut into smaller pieces. You can either boil with palm wine for 18/15mins or soak with palmwine for 48hrs before use.

4) Bara and ethanol (gin)


▶️ Get bitter melon
▶️ Cut into smaller pieces soak for 48hrs inside gin before use.

5) Bitter melon and other infection treatment.


▶️ Get bitter melon
▶️ Combine with other strong infection medicine like maca roots, Epakun, galics, ginger, tumeric etc
▶️ Boil in a pot for 30 minutes then take as directed.

this clears all traces of STDS in your system.


Please note that bara is extra powerful and could be injurious if taken overdose so make sure you take just small on the first day and watch how your body react to it. From the reaction of your body system the first day, you will know whether to increase or decrease the dose.

Kindly follow instructions. Bara is too powerful as it purges out all infections and dirt in your stomach. Not to be taken by ulcer patient or pregnant women though.

You can leave in the pot to be warmed every time you want to drink it or you can put in a container and refrigerate.


Half a glass cup which is equivalent to a shot every two to three days depending on how strong your system is.

Suitable for both male and female.


Lick oil or drink plenty water to flush your system


  1. Thanks for the information.
    Please after taken the bara for strong infection, am I to take blood tonic after the dose?
    Please does it cure hotness of the womb and body too?
    Thanks and God bless you


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