Cloves orange and honey benefits sexually to males and females.

Mix a combo of cloves, orange juice and honey together to get the following health and sexual benefits….

Cloves orange and honey benefits sexually

1. Boost libido

The combination of orange , cloves and honey boost libido in both females and males. Men and women with low libido should quickly take this combo of orange, cloves and honey morning, afternoon and evening to boost their libido/appetite.

2. Soothes stomach ulcer.

Are you having stomach ulcer pains, no problem, just drink the combo of orange juice, honey and clove and watch how it will soothe and calm your pains in minutes. Enjoy.

Cloves orange and honey benefits sexually
Cloves orange and honey benefits sexually to males and females

3. Boost immune system

Clove, orange and honey are rich in vitamins A,B ,C and E… Vitamins known to boost the body’s immune system and ability to fight diseases.

4. Removes odour and infection:

A cup of this combo every day will act as antimicrobial and clears all infection like bacteria vaginosis (BV). The mixture of orange, clove and honey have probiotic-like effect that helps clear yeast infection or candidiasis.

5. Boost sperm count

You have low sperm count and motility? Worry no more, 3 cups of orange , honey and clove preparation will increase sperm count and sperm production…in males. Battling male infertility, just take this drink. Cloves is good for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

6. Boost ovulation in females

A combo of orange juice, cloves water and honey helps boost ovulation in women and improves their chances of getting pregnant with twins. Battling female infertility, take the orange, cloves and honey smoothie.

7. Good for diabetes

The combo of orange , cloves and honey is suitable for people living with diabetes….as it has low glycemic index.


Taking a cup of orange, clove and honey every day will help regulate your menstruation and restores ceased menses.

9. Treats erectile dysfunction

The combo of clove, orange juice and honey is a natural aphrodisiac used to treat erectile dysfunction in men and low libido in the males and females. Clove is reputed for increasing blood flow to the privates thereby subserving this function.

10. Good for the skin

Because it is rich in antioxidants, the combo of orange, cloves and honey is perfect for the skin as it makes it glow and look flawless.

11. Boost the flora of the Vaginal with good bacteria that prevent the growth of disease causing organism like candida…so it helps remove infection like yeast.

This combo is rich in vitamin C

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  1. Boil the cloves in a clean saucepan, then filter the boiled cloves in a clean bowel, make orange juice and mix t wz the filtered cloves, add one or two spoons of honey. Mix them well . Thank me later🙏🙏


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