Benefits of cloves to a woman. Benefits of cloves sexually for females….Sexual benefits of cloves.

Cloves or Kanafuru is a very important fertility herbs that enhances the chances of a woman getting pregnant. The benefits of cloves to females and males are innumerable. But because of the of the purpose of this article, I am going to talk about how cloves benefit women sexually and for women trying to conceive.

Benefits of cloves to a woman

1. Boost ovulation

Ovulation is the release of egg by the female ovary for the purpose of fertilization by the male sperm…or otherwise….women who drink clove water have high chances of having multiple ovulation and getting pregnant.

2. Cloves cures female infertility

Female infertility is as common as male infertility but most times , women bear the brunt when a couple finds it difficult to achieve pregnancy. Clove helps to treat female infertility and increases her chances of getting pregnant.

Benefits of cloves to a woman
Benefits of cloves to a woman.

3. Restores Menstruation

Are you having menstrual problems? Don’t worry. Take a cup of clove water morning and evening to regulate and restore your ceased menses. Clove water also cleans the womb of stale blood. Clove water is your best bet for all your menstruation problems. Drinking clove water helps to relieve menstrual cramps.

4. Shrinks fibroid

Clove water is believed to help shrink fibroids ….but to me, I will advise women with uterine fibroids to seek medical help via surgery instead of banking on cloves. Clove not ideal for fibroids

5. Tightening

Do you know that clove water helps with Viirginia tightening? Just try it. Disputed but many women who have tried it confirmed that it works.

6. Cures yeast infection

It is believed that steaming with cloves and scent leaf or ginger will help remove yeast infection or candidiasis.

7. Cloves water is good for the skin

A woman will always cherish her skin. Drinking water will always give a woman the desired skin glow and shine.

8. Boost libido

A woman body is not firewood…once in a while she will need to change her oil….you know what I mean. Drinking clove water boost male and female libido.

9. Cures dryness

Virginaa dry.ness is a common problem among ladies….drinking clove water helps with
drips… take note.

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