How to use Alabukun for manpower

Alabukun is the first indigenous Nigerian medicine backed by Science and it is FDA approved. It contains aspirin (antisalicylic acid) and caffeine. Alabukun powder is used for the treatment of pains , migraine, fever, toothache, arthritis, low back pain etc. Alabukun is also used as a blood thinner, used in cases of impeding cardiac arrest, used to treat apnea of prematurity etc. It was founded by Jacob Odulate.

How to use Alabukun for manpower
How to use Alabukun for manpower….does it work?

I learnt that many young people now use alabukun powder as manpower to make them last longer in bed. A man in Lagos told me that he puts 2 satchets of alabukun in cold water and drink it just about an hour before “knacks”. He said , he has been able to use alabukun to cure his problems with erectile dysfunction, weak erection, premature ejaculation and what have you. He claimed alabukun has been his life saver in lasting longer in bed as he feels like a man again….

But how true are these claims?

How alabukun powder became a manpower and a libido booster I don’t really know …in Nigerian parlance, any drug, or herbs or anything you take to make you have stronger erection and enhance you performance “in da other room” is called manpower.

Alabukun is not listed as one of the drugs used for erectile dysfunction …sidenafil, tadalafil, clomipramine etc…alabukun is a local painkiller drugs that contains aspirin and caffeine nothing more. Could the 60mg of caffeine alabukun powder contains be responsible for its manpower function? I seriously doubt. Something is not clear here. I know some people mix alabukun power with action bitters for manpower…they believe this combo will give them the need energy to perform and last much more longer in bed ….


ALABUKUN POWDER is not a manpower…that some men use it for erection doesn’t mean it works…how do we even know this to be true? Same way many ladies claim to use ampiclox to prevent pregnancy when we all know that ampiclox is a mere antibiotic and not a contraceptive…. alabukun is not a potent manpower you can bank on….. don’t forget that drinking alabukun too much to make you feel like a man in bed amounts to abuse and this abuse can cause you stomach ulcer or possibly shut down your kidneys.

Thank you.

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