Is Physiology a Professional Course in Nigeria? Is human physiology a professional course?


Over the years,still witnessed this day,if one isn’t studying Medicine and Surgery, Law, Engineering, Nursing and Accountancy,that child definitely must be wasting funds in school.

I really and sincerely do not know who taught that and with all intention passed it down to Generations and believe me,it flows like that.

Is Physiology a Professional Course in Nigeria?
Is Physiology a Professional Course in Nigeria? To me, yes it is

Maybe because of how the society has presented it or rather put,a hierarchy of Profession. But may I announce to us that NONE IS USELESS.

While in school, my department (physiology) and our sister department, Anatomy received great mockery,funny enough it was even coming from a lecturer.

This mockery really really got to us so much that many were ashamed of their department,self esteem was shattered,morale was melted down.

Even though a Medical course,it was neglected and seen as useless. Many coursemates had to change to ‘acclaimed ‘department, while others progressed.

But as time went by,we discovered that the bedrock of Medicine or health as a whole is actually Anatomy and Physiology, because if one doesn’t know the body and it’s state of being normal,you can’t decipher when something goes wrong or how best to go about the treatment.

To many, Physiology is a let-my-people-go course,but Sweetheart, it is not,only our society and mindset made it so.

Let me wow you a bit, Do you know that Physiology has got many branches;

👉Cardiophysiology………. pertaining to the heart
👉Renal Physiology………… pertaining to the kidneys
👉Exercise Physiology…….. Pertaining to body movement
👉Aviation Physiology……… Pertaining to life in the air
👉Nutritional Physiology…… Pertaining to Diet
👉Reproductive Physiology… Pertaining to Reproduction
👉Gastrointestinal Physiology… Pertaining to Digestive system
👉Blood Physiology……………… Pertaining to blood issues
👉Neuro Physiology…………….. Pertaining to the Nervous System

It is so dehumanizing to talk down on something you really know nothing about. Physiology is a professional course but still trying to find its footing as a big specialty in Nigeria and many developing countries….The opportunities Physiology have to offer are numerous.

The big problem is that many do not like beginnings but love the end product of a thing.

The ‘acclaimed’ and ‘Major’ courses we all strive for actually is a collection of all other ‘minor ‘ courses.

Imagine it as a broom,the collection of every strand to make a bunch. The bunch is always appreciated or praised not knowing that the bunch can’t perform it’s duties without each strand.

I remember when we were still working on our project,I was explaining my work to a friend whose department is ‘highly acclaimed’ what I was working on likewise my colleagues; she made a statement,she said, ” you guys are even the ones doing the actual project work not us ” .I smiled.😊😊

This is a piece to encourage anyone that has found him or herself in a situation like this, Darling, You are not useless!!!! 😘😘
You are Useful!!!!🤩🤩
You are important!!!!🥰🥰

It’s just a matter of time and chance. Do not let what people say demoralize you into thinking you are a nobody, You are a great one.

Imagine if everyone ventured into these profession aforementioned,
Who and who will entertain us?
Who and who will write Wonderful piece we enjoy reading?
Who and who will be in the fashion and designing world?
What of discovering new recipes?
What of discovering new things from neglected things and creatures?

For crying out loud, who will survey our lands?

What of managing businesses and firms?

The list goes on.

None is Useless



© Nwobodo Peculiar

A Proud Physiologist.

This article is the intellectual property of


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