How I Switched/Transferred from Biochemistry to Medical Laboratory Science.

A happy lady who switched from biochemistry to med lab Science and later graduated as a med lab scientist wrote this:

On this Day exactly one year ago, I got my licence to practice as a medical laboratory scientist intern. I give God the glory because he keeps taking me from level to level..

Switched from Biochemistry to Medical Laboratory Science
From a biochemist to a medical laboratory scientist

From biochemistry department of imo state university (IMSU) in 2015 after 100level,I transferred to medical laboratory science department with a GP of above 3.6 .. it was tedious, mind draining and was like a journey of no return but today it was successful.

Medical laboratory science wasn’t easy , of course. It’s a medical course and judging from the fact I joined very close to exam date in 200Level,I met a lot of downs at first…I really struggled to pick up with the pace of things going on in medical college.

I woke up at nights, so worried but today I am so grateful. God did it for me after all and I was able to graduate with an outstanding Gp of 4.0🎊💰

I haven’t started the journey even yet because the ladder has so many steps to move to. But I know that the God that have started his work in my life will not leave me empty.

More to achieve; internship, masters , PhD… Above all to always cash out💰💰🤪 before and in-between goals …

The world is so big enough for us all to do well step at a time .. Therefore I appreciate how far I have come every day ,Merci Dieu.🙏


This writeup for this new Medical Laboratory Science graduate who was initially in biochemistry before switching or transferring to med lab Science was published to inspire those newly admitted students who want to pursue a career in med lab Science but was offered biochemistry for a start.


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